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7 Community Outreach Ideas for Your Lingerie Business

Advertising, social media marketing and word of mouth referrals will help your lingerie business gain exposure.

And often, word of mouth is the most trusted form of a referral. More than 80 percent of Americans say they ask for recommendations before making a purchase of any kind, according to a Business2Community report.

So, why not put your business in front of the community more often? Better yet, put your lingerie business in front of qualified, target customers in your community.

Here are seven community outreach ideas for your lingerie business:


1.  Attend women's events.

Finding the right people for your product or service at networking events can be tough. That’s because not everyone needs your service. However, as a lingerie store owner attending a women’s only networking or lifestyle event, almost everyone in attendance can benefit from your products. With such a large pool of potential customers, it’d be silly not to attend these women’s events. Whether it’s a women’s happy hour or a women’s business ownership group, show up ready to mingle.


2.  Partner with local women's stores.

Another great community outreach idea for lingerie businesses is to partner with local women’s stores. The partnership could include a product giveaway that you both promote or a referral discount for customers. Partnership ideas can be endless, you just have to find a partner who’s excited to take part. But, be careful that you select businesses that don’t compete with yours. Some potential partners may include bridal boutiques, salons, spas, jewelry stores, etc.


3.  Attend bridal expos.

Lingerie is a big part of the bridal industry, so it’s a good idea to tap into your local bridal network. You could host a booth at a bridal expo showcasing bridal lingerie, accessories and products. However, if the booth fee is too high, consider attending the expo to network with potential partners. 


4.  Host an after-hours event.

Events are beneficial for several reasons. Attendees get to know your lingerie business on a more personal level, and you may get additional sales at the event. But events continue working for your business after they’re over – whether people are posting their photos to social media or the press is buzzing about your event. Plus, it gives you some meaty social media content to post before and after the event. (And, if you connected with a local blogger, you’d certainly want her to attend and promote the event as well.)


5.  Offer yourself to local reporters as a source.

Reporters like having subject matter experts to go to when necessary for a story. For instance, a finance reporter may call on the same finance contact when he needs a finance expert’s quote for a story. So, you could offer your expertise to both local lifestyle and business reporters.

Business reporters may be interested in your small business expertise. And, lifestyle reporters may be interested in your lingerie and women’s lifestyle expertise. The topics the reporters write about may not always be specific to your industry. However, the win here is that your lingerie business’ name will be read by thousands of local residents. When people start hearing about you in the local media, you resonate as an expert and a go-to for your product.


6.  Partner with local bloggers.

Partnering with local bloggers can also help spread the word about your lingerie business. But, remember, bloggers don’t work for free, so be prepared to offer free product or pay an additional fee for the blogger’s time. The blogger could make social media posts and/or write a blog post featuring your store. You could even extend a discount for the blogger’s audience to enjoy for a certain period of time.


7.  Always carry business cards with you.

Being a walking, talking advertisement for your business is one of the easiest ways to let the community know about your business. This doesn’t mean to be overly promotional in public. However, you should carry business cards with you at all times so you can take advantage of opportunities as they arise.



Community outreach is essential to making your lingerie business stand out. The more people that know about your business, the more referrals you can get. In order for community partnerships be successful, you must be strategic about the partners you select. You’ll want their audiences to be synonymous with yours, so you reach more of your target audience.


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