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Daily, Weekly And Monthly Social Media Habits For Lingerie Stores

Managing your lingerie store’s social media accounts can seem daunting.

You need to publish content, engage with accounts, review stats and set new goals. So, how do you ensure you cover all your social media bases? It’s not as difficult as you may think. You can make overseeing social accounts more manageable by understanding what needs to be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Let’s break down the social media habits that help lingerie store owners grow, monitor and analyze social accounts.

Daily Habits

Daily social media habits revolve around driving activity. Here are social media tasks that lingerie businesses should do each day:


Publish new content

Ideally, your lingerie store should publish new content daily. This keeps your brand consistently in followers’ feeds and helps you reach new accounts. When you publish valuable, quality content, followers will start checking your account for updates. In other words, they’ll look forward to seeing your content.


Engage with your followers

Engage with your lingerie business’s followers by liking and commenting on relevant photos. This makes your account more personable and drives traffic to your page.


Monitor relevant keywords

Monitor trending (and relevant) hashtags and keywords, and engage with the accounts using those keywords. This extends your reach and can earn your lingerie store new followers.


Respond to comments and dms

It’s essential lingerie store owners respond to comments, direct messages (DMs), etc. daily. However, you need to be adamant about responding to Instagram comments within an hour to stay ahead of the Instagram algorithm.


Check social media mentions

Check for any social media mentions of your lingerie store each day. Social media mentions provide excellent opportunities to source content from your audience. These mentions could serve as reposts, stories, tweets, etc.


Weekly Habits

The best weekly social media tasks involve reviewing and looking ahead in your social approach. This ensures you’re constantly curating and optimizing your social media strategy.


Review analytics

Review the analytics of the previous week’s posts. This helps you understand which posts perform well and why, so you can recreate that success.


Create content

Lingerie store owners should constantly curate content. From creating beautiful flatlays to snapping a great store photo, be on the look out for new photo opportunities each week.


Schedule updates

You likely create your social media content calendar two to four weeks in advance. However, it’s smart to schedule that content each week to ensure the content you publish is still relevant.


Connect with new people

Connecting with new people helps expand your reach and grow your following. Do your best to connect with new accounts each week – whether they are potential customers or collaborators.


Monthly Habits

Your lingerie business’s monthly social media habits should help you plan for the month ahead. Here’s what lingerie store owners should do each month with their social accounts.


Set new goals

Set new goals for the next month. You can consider any events, sales or promotions that will help you reach those goals. After determining your goals, set steps and deadlines to achieve them.


Create content calendar

After setting new goals for your lingerie business, create a content calendar for the next two to four weeks. Use your findings from your weekly analyses to determine strategies you want continue or adjust.



Breaking down your social media tasks into daily, weekly and monthly checklists helps you maintain your social presence without getting overwhelmed. Consistently following your checklists will help you maintain your social accounts, as well as grow your audiences. It’s also helpful to share your checklists with your team so anyone can pick-up your social media strategy in your absence.

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