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Everything Lingerie Store Owners Need To Know About Gen X

Ever wonder why Millennials shop differently than Baby Boomers? Or why Gen X tends to buy different items than Gen Z?

In this series, we’re diving into each demographic and discussing the key characteristics, shopping habits, and marketing opportunities for the age groups of individuals that make up the customers in your lingerie store.


Who is Gen X?

Today, Gen X includes anyone born between 1965-1976, with ages ranging from 39-53 years old. According to an American Express report, Generation X is sometimes referred to as the “forgotten generation” because marketing specialists have difficulty successfully marketing to them. A true middle child, Gen X is sandwiched in between Baby Boomers and Millennials.

Getting To Know Gen X

Many Gen Xers have paid off their student loans and now have extra money to spend. They may be taking care of their parents and elder family members or raising a family of their own. They are concerned about retiring and saving money for the future. According to American Express, Gen Xers are “more likely than the other demographic groups to focus on five other key financial goals: becoming financially independent, buying a home, minimizing taxes, providing an estate for their heirs and starting a business.”

Gen X Shopping Habits

Gen X shoppers are known for being more conservative than other generations, but they also have a lot of spending power. American Express mentions that Gen X shoppers have “More spending power than any other generation, with 29 percent of estimated net worth dollars and 31 percent of total income dollars”. Gen X values transparency and inclusivity. They’re technologically savvy and love shopping online, but embrace a mix of online and brick and mortar shopping. They’re brand loyal and tend to stick with their tried-and-true favorites. Value, consistency, and reliability are important to them. Lastly, they’re skeptical about purchases and will do a lot of research before making a purchase - big or small.

How To Attract Gen X Customers To Your Lingerie Store

Email or phone:

Let them know when you receive a new product from their favorite brand. Keep record of their bra size and style preferences - they’ll appreciate it. Keep them updated on what’s going on at your store - Gen X customers love to be connected. (This applies to all customers, not just Gen X - give them the VIP treatment and treat them like family.)


Clearly state your return and exchange policy, shipping and delivery info, contact info in bold and up front so there isn’t any confusion. Offer as much information as possible about the products you’re selling online - make it easy for them to shop from you. Let your customers post reviews of the products on your website - Gen X customers love reading reviews. Provide clear, detailed product descriptions that answer all of your customer’s questions - including fabrication, coverage level, fit, material, design, breast shape it’s suited for, etc. Note the model’s measurements in the product description or list their bra size and use models of different sizes on your site for your products and blog so your customers can see what the products look like on someone with a similar body type.


Share what bra fitting is like at your lingerie store - doing this will let your customers into your world. Gen X customers may be shy about getting a bra fitting; they are a more conservative generation. Make it clear that your store is a body positive, inclusive, and judgement-free zone so they know what to expect when they visit your store. Partner with local bloggers and see if they would be open to writing honest reviews on their blog of your products and services. Lastly, Gen X loves to search for the answers to their questions. Make sure your site is SEO-focused so you can optimize all of their search traffic and convert it into email newsletter subscriptions, online lingerie store product sales, and visits to your brick and mortar lingerie boutique.

Social Media:

Reply to each and every comment (a Virtual Assistant can help with this if you don’t have the time). It really does make a difference when someone from the brand replies genuinely to your comment. It makes it feel like the company is listening and your comment really matters, and you feel a little bit more connected to the brand. Reply to your Yelp reviews too. Good or bad - there’s a good chance your Gen X customers will want to read everything. Lastly, keep your audience in the know about some of the behind the scenes things your business is working on. Are you hosting or taking part in a local community fashion show? Share it! Are you planning on donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of a product or sales on a certain day to a charity you truly believe in? Share that positivity with your customers and remind them they’re spending they’re hard-earned dollars at a business with a big heart.


Focus on making the customer experience as memorable as possible. Gen Xers value customer service. Educate your staff on the products and services you offer. Make sure they’re up to date on how the newest styles fit. Gen Xers want to hear honest opinions of the products from your staff. Give Gen Xers time to shop and browse around. Lastly, tell them if you don’t have a product or size in stock that they’re looking for and if you don’t have a comparable item, share with them where they might be able to find something similar. Honesty and transparency are key to building relationships with Gen X customers. It's all about earning and keeping their trust.



Gen X is made up of consistent, brand-loyal customers that prize value, transparency, and reliability above all when it comes to shopping. Is there anything that you’d to know about Gen X that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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