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Everything Lingerie Store Owners Need To Know About Gen Z

Ever wonder why Millennials shop differently than Baby Boomers? Or why Gen X tends to buy different items than Gen Z?

In this series, we’re diving into each demographic and discussing the key characteristics, shopping habits, and marketing opportunities for the age groups of individuals that make up the customers in your lingerie store.


Who is Gen Z?

Today, Gen Z includes anyone born between 1995-2015. As the newest generation, Gen Z ages range from 0 or 3 (depending on who you ask) to 23 years old. According to Kasasa, Gen Z is known as the “iGeneration” or “Homeland Generation”. Lastly, Gen Z are typically the children of Gen X.   


Getting to Know Gen Z

Technology has been a part of their daily lives since they were young. They grew up around smart phones and computers. When it comes to shopping, Gen Z values transparency and convenience. An individualized shopping experience tailored to their needs and wants is right up their alley. They are more conservative than Millennials and their brand loyalty is more similar to Gen X. They often use technology while shopping; it’s not uncommon for them to have their smartphones out when they’re in a brick and mortar store.

Rewards and perks also play a role in their purchasing decisions. According to a study by IBM, 64% of Gen Z customers surveyed valued price or service loyalty rewards, 65% said a rewards program affects their shopping decisions, and 45% said that location-based alerts influenced their relationship with a brand. Gen Z customers


Gen Z Shopping Habits

Gen Z is tech savvy. After all, they grew up with technology. Social media is part of their daily lives and it can encourage or dissuade them from shopping a brand or making a purchase. They’re also educated shoppers; they know how to use search and look up the information they need before making a purchasing decision.

While Gen Z values convenience, transparency, exclusivity, and an experience tailored specifically to them, one unique shopping habit sets them apart. Unlike Gen X and Gen Y (Millennials), Gen Z expects purchases to be delivered directly to them, according to a Retail Assist report. Lastly, they like to be ahead of trends, they like to feel valued by brands, they shop brands that respect their views and values, they have money to spend, and they prefer to see products in person before buying them. 


How to Attract Gen Z Customers To Your Lingerie Store



Gen Z customers are more likely to choose live chat than pick up the phone and call customer service. They want quick, convenient customer service. Inbound marketing is key – they want to receive emails they feel like they’re tailor-made for them. They're more likely to give out their email if it makes their shopping experience better or if it involves coupons, discounts, or other benefits. 



Make it easy for Gen Z customers to search your site. Sort your products easily so they can shop by style, size, and price point. According to Fierce Retail, Gen Z customers like to leave reviews - they're a very vocal generation. Make sure the benefits of each product are clear and prominent in the product description. Also, make sure your website is optimized for all platforms – especially mobile. Gen Z customers like to shop among different devices.

Optimize your shipping as much as you can – Gen Z customers are looking for fast, inexpensive shipping and will look elsewhere if they feel the shipping cost is too high. Lastly, utilize live chat so your customers can get immediate answers to their questions and build out pages that answer your customers’ most common questions and include some of your bra fitting and bra shopping expertise.



Gen Z loves stunning visuals. A beautifully curated feed is essential for attracting a Gen Z audience. Make your pictures easily shareable on social media and through visual inspiration sites like Pinterest. Create blog posts that center around your products’ benefits so your customers can decide if they’re right for them or not. Make it easy for them to shop the products/visit the web page of the products after reading your blog posts. Provide clear links and anticipate their needs. Gen Z values a seamless experience.



Produce content that is easily shareable and represents the diversity in your customer base. Like Millennials, Gen Z customers have a fear of missing out (FOMO), so be sure to let them know when a product is limited edition or low in stock. Gen Z is also more likely to shop a brand that they feel connected to, so building relationships through in-store interactions and online social engagement is key. According to a Retail Assist study, 73% of Gen Z customers surveyed said they would make a purchase based on a social media recommendation. Also, according to the same study, 84% of Gen Z customer view shopping as a social activity, so make sure your store is well-staffed for your busiest days.



Offer a buy online and pick up in store option. Layout your products strategically to increase add-ons at the register, especially with pick up in store orders. According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, customers who buy online and pick up in store are 69% more likely to purchase additional items in store and have a higher average spend online when shopping with omni-channel retailers. This is one of the many reasons why e-commerce stores like Amazon and Warby Parker are interested in opening brick and mortar stores (and your lingerie store already has the competitive advantage in this area).



Gen Z is made up of tech-savvy customers who value convenience above all. Omni-channel shopping is second nature to them and, as such, they shop both online and brick and mortar stores. Is there anything that you’d to know about Gen X that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. 

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