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Everything Lingerie Store Owners Need To Know About Millennials (Gen Y)

Ever wonder why Millennials shop differently than Baby Boomers? Or why Gen X tends to buy different items than Gen Z?

In this series, we’re diving into each demographic and discussing the key characteristics, shopping habits, and marketing opportunities for the age groups of individuals that make up the customers in your lingerie store.

Who is Gen Y?

Today, Gen Y (aka the Millennials) includes anyone born between 1980-1998, with ages ranging from 20 to 38 years old. They are often segmented into two groups: younger Millennials (ages 20-24) and older millennials (ages 25-38). These groups have different buying habits, which we’ll get into in a bit. According to Kasasa, Millennials are also known as the “Gen Me” generation. Lastly, Millennials are typically the children of Baby Boomers.  

Getting to Know Millennials

According to a PEW Research Report, Millennials are the “most racially and ethnically diverse adult generation in the nation’s history.” Millennials entered the workplace at the height of the economic recession. They witnessed 9/11 and helped elect the first African American president in the U.S. Compared to Gen Xers, many Millennials are working toward paying off their student loan debt and have little money left over for luxuries. They are concerned about debt, financial instability, and putting off major life events like weddings and buying a home because they can’t afford it yet.

Millennial Shopping Habits

Millennials are technologically-savvy. They value convenience and mostly buy from trusted brands. However, they are less brand loyal than Gen Xers. Social media is essential for Millennials and they suffer from a fear of missing out (FOMO). According to a Forbes, older Millennials are more likely to shop on a phone or computer, while younger Millennials like to shop in a physical store.

How to Attract Millennial Customers To Your Lingerie Store

Email or phone:

Embrace inbound marketing. Tailor your marketing to fit your audience’s unique needs and wants. Marketing isn’t one size fits all - an authentic message specifically customized to a Millennial audience can be much more effective at converting their click into a sale (or an email sign-up, etc.) Though they’re less likely than Gen X or Baby Boomers to pick up the phone and call you, do list a phone number in an easy to find place on your website and Facebook page so they can contact you if they need to.


Clearly highlight the features and benefits of the your products and services - make it front and center. Millennials are more likely to focus on the product and its benefits than the brand name. Give your customers the option to shop by price point (for example, “$25-$50” or “Under $50”), size, color, etc. Offer the option to schedule bra fittings online. Give your customers the option to create a wishlist online that they can share with friends and family for gift ideas. Similar to Gen X customers, millennials also read reviews before making a purchase, so make sure you check your Yelp page frequently and reply to feedback (both good and bad).


Educate your customers about bra fitting, bra shopping, and lingerie care. Answer their questions with your expertise in the form of blog posts. Consider adding an option for them to reply on your blog while logged into their Facebook account (and check those comments regularly so you don’t miss replying to anything). Show your customers how to style and wear your products. Create holiday gift guides that can be easily shared on social media.

Social Media:

Center your marketing around diversity and inclusivity. Your customers are diverse and want to see models that have similar features and body types when they shop. Include at least two models with your product images and list their sizes so your customers can see what the products look like on. Create posts that are easily shareable - Millennials want to value their friends’ opinions.

Millennials understand the importance of a carefully curated feed, so be sure to fill it with plenty of images of your products and customer reviews. Run giveaways or contests that involve tagging a friend or sharing a post with a friend. Did you receive a new pajama set? Why not sure share it on social with ‘tag a friend who would love this’ in the description? Use hashtags on all of your Instagram posts so your customers can find your content easily. Also, check your social media platforms often - your Millennial followers and customers may comment with their question or concern on social media instead of/before sending you an email or giving your store a call.


Offer convenient and easy options (like buy online and pick up in store). Offer girlfriend parties and bridesmaid shopping parties - Millennials see shopping as a social activity and love to shop with friends. Create a unique shopping experience at your store. Create beautiful visual displays. Train your employees to be experts on bra fitting and lingerie products so your customers feel comfortable asking them for their opinion and trust that they’re making the right decision when spending a lot of money on several new bras or a whole new lingerie wardrobe.



Millennials are made up of tech-savvy customers who value speed and efficiency. Their omni-channel shopping style makes them a great target demographic for both online and brick and mortar retailers. Is there anything that you’d to know about Gen X that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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