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Here's How Instagram Stories Can Benefit Your Lingerie Business

Instagram stories can be extremely beneficial in promoting your lingerie store.

The stories serve as an additional impression on your audience, and you can use them strategically to promote content.

In fact, posting Instagram stories is something lingerie store owners should do on social media each day. Let’s discuss why.


Instagram stories drive traffic.

Your lingerie store creates Instagram content to help your business thrive and to serve the needs of your audience. Instagram stories can help drive traffic to that content because it’s a second chance to tell people about your content. It’s possible a follower won’t see your Instagram post promoting a special, but she may see your Instagram story. If your Instagram story shows off your special, she’s enticed to click over to your profile to learn more.  

Posting to your lingerie business’s Instagram story is also another chance to get in front of your audience. A follower could see your story, then click over into your profile to see what’s new – simply because she loves your brand. And remember, Instagram stories don’t have to be salesy and promotional. People connect with people, not companies. So, use your stories to bring life and personality to your lingerie business. Lingerie store owners can post stories that feature behind-the-scenes action, employees, empowering quotes and more.  


Instagram stories drive engagement.

Instagram stories can help boost Instagram engagement because the stories drive traffic to your profile. Engagement is when a follower likes or comments on content or views a video. And, when a follower loves the content in your Instagram story, they’re likely to click over into your profile. Once the follower gets onto your profile, she can click through and engage with your posts.

Lingerie store owners want followers to engage with their lingerie business’s account for more reasons than getting a lot of likes. Your engagement rate on Instagram affects how your content plays out in the Instagram algorithm. 


Instagram stories can help beat the Instagram algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm is a behind-the-scenes formula that determines how often your content appears in your followers’ Instagram feeds. The algorithm changes often, and it can be hard for lingerie store owners – and all businesses – to crack. But, it currently comes down to timeliness and engagement.

You probably noticed that your lingerie store’s Instagram feed is no longer in chronological order. This is because Instagram is showing you content based on what it thinks you’d like to see. Instagram determines what to show you based on what you’ve previously liked, viewed or commented on. The same goes for your followers, which is why it’s important for your followers to engage with your content.

The more your followers engage with your lingerie business’s content, the more your content will appear in their feeds. And, getting your content in your audience’s feeds gives you more opportunity to sell. You’re posting content that inspires your audience and encourages them to shop with you. So, you want your audience to see your content as much as possible. And, posting Instagram stories helps put your lingerie store in front of your audience more often.



Your audience is exposed to a variety of brands every day. Posting Instagram stories reminds followers of your lingerie store. And, stories prompt followers to click over into your profile – where they can view and engage with your content. Unsure of what to put in your Instagram story? Start by building out your lingerie store’s content calendar for Instagram. You’ll then have an idea of what you’ll what to promote with your Instagram stories. Then, you can add more stories each day – using photos, video and gifs – to make your lingerie business personable and relatable.

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