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Hiring 101: How To Choose A Great Manager For Your Lingerie Store

Your lingerie store business is growing and you’re struggling to keep up!

If you’re struggling to deal with the daily job operational chores, it could be worth getting a manager on board. Of course, hiring new team members can be hard at times but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are six things to keep in mind when looking for the right person:


1.  Look for honesty and experience

Honesty is one of the main traits that your lingerie store manager should have. You’re going to put your business – your career – into their hands. So, how can you make sure that they are capable of fulfilling the role? Well, you have to meet them and find out what they’re all about. When you interview candidates, you should look for honesty first.

Of course, these people will have a whole wealth of experience on their resume, but does it check out? Ask them about what they’ve done in the past and look out for anything that seems suspicious. For instance, if they claim to have been a manager previously, they should have no problem describing the ins and outs of the job to you.


2.  Find out about their style

Lingerie stores are unique businesses as they require more than just know-how. The store manager should be able to guide staff and customers when it comes to style and fashion. While you don’t need to hire a fashion grad, it could be worth talking to candidates about how they view the world of apparel and what their opinions are.

What you’re really looking for here is an interest in the field. You need to make sure that the person you hire really cares about retail and lingerie. Asking just a few questions about these topics should be the answer. Before you know it, you will have a real grasp of how they see the role and how much they will dedicate themselves to it.


3.  See if there’s real chemistry

Chemistry isn’t just important when you’re dating someone new; it’s crucial when it comes to hiring people too. You’re going to be working closely with this person day-in, day-out. Making sure that you ‘click’ with them and can get along with them should be a baseline requirement. While it’s hard to put your finger on what makes this work, you should consider this when it comes to hiring someone new.

During the interview, you will have a chance to meet your candidates face-to-face. That means that you get an opportunity to see which of them you have sparks with and which you just don’t. You need to have a great working relationship with them. Getting along with the person naturally will make the job a whole lot easier.


4.  Avoid know-it-alls or yes-people

There are two types of people that you absolutely want to avoid when it comes to hiring. Let’s deal with the know-it-alls first. These people will look great on paper but, when you meet them, they will show their true colors. When a candidate claims to understand more about your business than you do, that’s a major red flag. It means that the person is likely to overstep the mark on the job.

Equally, a yes-person could turn out to be a problem in the long-run. If a candidate is agreeing with every single thing that you say, it may be a sign that they don’t know their own mind well enough to have an opinion. Or, worse still, they may not be confident enough to speak up. Either way, it’s not a great sign.


5.  But make sure they are confident

While you, of course, want to avoid arrogance, the person that you ultimately hire needs to be confident. This individual will need to rally staff, organize rotas, and discipline people (should problems arise). Doing all of the above takes a whole load of confidence. You don’t want a wilting wallflower who will let others walk all over them. You want a leader who can be strong, even when times get tough.  


6.  Look for someone who is passionate

Ultimately, one of the main traits that a good manager should have is passion. Your business is your work of art and you don’t want anybody coming along to ruin what you’ve created. When you’re interviewing candidates, look for people who really understand your vision and care about what it is that you’re trying to do here.

When you’re interviewing candidates, be sure to ask them questions about the industry and where they see their career going in the future. Ideally, you want to make sure that the person you choose shares the passion that you have for this business. If they don’t, there’s no way that they have what it takes to manage the store.



Choosing a manager for your lingerie store is anything but easy. Above all else, you want to make sure that you pick someone who cares as much about the business as you do and understands what you’re trying to do. While relinquishing some of your responsibility may be tricky, having a good manager at your side should be a huge relief!

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