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How To Attract Busy Customers To Your Lingerie Store This Holiday Season

Many of your customers have limited time to shop this holiday season.  

As a lingerie store owner, you don’t want them to shop online because they’re short on time. You want them to visit your store and let your staff help them with all their shopping needs. Unfortunately, the internet has made it incredibly easy to order online and have everything delivered to your door (sometimes in as little as two days). This is a major pain point for brick and mortar lingerie stores who compete against online retailers like Amazon. Since a good portion of your business is local, you want all these customers to shop at your store instead of online.  

So how do you attract busy customers to your store this holiday season? Here are a few ideas:   


1.  List your store info clearly and make it easy for them to schedule an appointment online

At the bare minimum, your website needs your store address, store hours, and contact info clearly listed in an easy to find place. Your customers will be visiting your website to check your store hours, so don’t forget to update them if they change during the holiday season.  

Customers with limited time to shop may prefer to book an appointment online for a bra fitting instead of driving to the store as a walk-in. In my experience, customers who book appointments are more likely to commit to a trip to the store than customers who don’t. It’s easy to put off a bra fitting when you’re busy and say that you’ll save it for the new year. Why not get these customers to commit now so they can spend the holiday season in lingerie that fits well and feels amazing? Plus, you can help them pick out gifts for everyone on their holiday shopping list and they can take home the items today (which is something most online lingerie stores simply can't do.)  


2.  Provide all the info your customers need on your website

Aside from your store hours, location, and phone number, visitors to your site will want to know which brands you stock, which sizes and styles you carry, if you offer gift cards, if you price match, and what your return and exchange policy is. Many of your sales during the holiday season will be gifts, so you want to make sure that your customers have all the information they need before they visit your store.  

If you maintain a blog for your lingerie store, the holiday season is the perfect time to put together digital gift guides of the products you carry. You may have customers that make a trip to your store because they love the product they saw in an email you sent, on Instagram (don’t forget to tag your store and the brand and use location tags!), or on your website. A tool like Canva can help you create the graphics you need. Many of the features are free, but you also have the option to sign up for a pro account to unlock all the features. (This blog post isn’t sponsored by Canva – I use it regularly and recommend it if you’re looking for an easy-to-use graphic design tool to create professional-looking graphics.) 


3.  Offer products and services that make your customers’ lives easier

Your customers are looking for ways to save time this holiday season and they love when you go the extra mile to earn and keep their business. Offering services like gift wrapping, personal shopping by appointment, gift receipts, extended hours, and easy exchanges (so they can buy their gifts with confidence that their recipient will be covered if it doesn’t work out) could be the key to converting your one-time holiday shopper customers into loyal life-long customers. You could also look at some of the services you already offer (like bra fitting) and come up with a plan to market and promote your services strategically throughout the holiday season so you don’t miss out on your “I’m shopping for myself today” customer base too 


4.  List your return and exchange policy clearly so there isn’t any confusion

One of the most stressful aspects of buying a gift is worrying that it won’t fit the person you’re giving it to. Your customers put a lot of time and thought into their gifts, but sometimes the gift just doesn’t work out. By listing your return and exchange policy clearly, your customers will be better informed so there won’t be any surprises if they decide to try to exchange or return the item later on. Stating your return policy at the cash wrap and printing it on each receipt could be helpful too.



The holiday season is one of the busiest periods for lingerie stores. We wish you a successful, joyful, and very happy holiday season and hope these ideas inspire you. Let us know if have used (or are currently using) any of them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!   

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