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How To Build A Social Media Following On A New Platform

Social media presents a world of new opportunities for lingerie store owners.

You probably already have a Facebook page for your lingerie business.  But while Millennials created Facebook, their parents (Baby Boomers over 65) are its fastest growing segment. 

Among younger consumers, other forms of social media are beginning to rise and take its place.  Today, many small business owners remain in the dark about the power of other top social media sites that are actually just as effective, or more, as Facebook.

It’s time to look beyond Facebook and learn how to build a social media following on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more.


Choose Your Network Wisely

Time is always a limited resource, so first do your research and understand what the platform does and how people use it.  Go where your customers are, to have the best chance to engage and connect with new and potential clients.

  • Twitter is best for sharing quick, real time information and has a large international reach. Use hashtags to reach the widest audience with your posts.
  • YouTube is a powerful video tool, but it’s also a go-to search engine for many looking to learn something new. The future of online traffic is video-based and YouTube is a free, easy way to cash in.
  • Instagram is the dominant visual medium, with 700 million active users. Post single images or Instagram Stories that include a collection of photos or videos that are related.
  • LinkedIn helps business owners connect with other leaders in their industry.
  • Snapchat uses fun filters and graphics to send messages to followers that show the light-hearted, approachable side of your lingerie business.



Use social media to connect and learn from leaders in your field.  Look at what platforms other influencers in your niche are using, what kind of content they are sharing, and how often they are posting. 

Be an active participant on accounts that you follow by commenting and sharing on their posts.  By engaging on others’ social media accounts, you are putting yourself (and your business) on the radar of both the influencer and her followers. 

If you attend industry events or conferences, connect with speakers on Twitter and LinkedIn and start a virtual conversation before you go.



Blogging is another way to connect with leaders in your field.  You may already have a small business blog, but contributing to other blogs in your niche helps build your reputation in the industry.  Writing for top blogs puts your name and social media information in front of a whole new audience.


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Create Videos

Videos are becoming more and more prevalent on all social media platforms.  Audiences like to put a face to a name and get a glimpse behind the scenes.  Did you know YouTube is the second-largest search engine and the third most visited site on the web?  Could you create a “how-to” or video tutorial?  Shoot a video on how to figure out your proper bra size, for example, and share!   Ask your followers what they would like to know and produce a series of video shorts answering their most pressing questions.


Post Consistently

The best way to build your following is still to post quality content on a consistent basis.  Just like in any other area of your business, you need to put time and effort into your social media accounts to see results.  Be creative with what you post.  Adding images, videos, or gifs can increase your engagement significantly – by 98% on LinkedIn and 200% on Twitter.  Use your social media accounts to give information to your followers, build brand awareness, and share content from other leaders in the industry.  Keep self-promotion to about 10% of your posts. 


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Pay Attention To Analytics

Analytic tools can help you learn when you should be posting to get the maximum number of eyes on your page.  They can tell you which posts get the most positive responses, helping you tailor future content to your audience’s interests.  The more engaged they are with your posts, the further your reach. 



Used strategically, social media can boost your business by helping you acquire new customers, building brand awareness, and keeping you in front of current customers.  It’s time to up your social media game and add a new platform or two to your current marketing strategy.  In time, your audience will grow and so will your lingerie business. 

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in Social Media Tips & Tricks, Hot Topics For Lingerie Store Owners
in Social Media Tips & Tricks, Hot Topics For Lingerie Store Owners
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