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How To Choose The Right Hashtags On Social Media For Your Lingerie Business

Using hashtags on social media is a smart strategy for your lingerie store.

Hashtags can help your brand be discovered by people you may not have been targeting, increasing your lingerie business’s reach. Instagram posts, for example, with at least one hashtag tend to receive 12.6 more engagement than posts without hashtags.

So, how can you use hashtags to your lingerie store’s advantage?

Read on, and you’ll be a pro at using hashtags on social media.


Types of Hashtags and Their Purposes

All hashtags were not created equally. There are two main types of hashtags on social media, and each has a different purpose.


Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags are hashtags created by brands. Brands create their own hashtags for two reasons: to encourage user generated content and to allow the brand to measure the success of their strategy.

For example, retail giant Forever 21 created the hashtag #F21xMe. The brand encourages followers to use that hashtag on social media if the follower wants to potentially be reposted by Forever 21. This creates user generated content and could also increase Forever 21’s follower count because followers want to be reposted. The brand can also search this hashtag on social media to see how many people are using it. It lets the brand see how successful the hashtag is and how popular the brand is becoming.


Community Hashtags

Community hashtags are hashtags that represent a community – whether that be a location or a niche. Typically, community hashtags won’t have anything to do with your lingerie store. Examples of community hashtags may be #NashvilleNative, #picoftheday, #womenempoweringwomen or #mothersday.

Using community hashtags in your social media content helps your brand be more discoverable, especially when you choose the right hashtags.


How To Choose The Best Hashtags For Your Lingerie Store

Now that you know the two main types of hashtags, let’s talk tips for picking best ones for your lingerie business:


Use trending hashtags when applicable

It’s a great idea to use trending hashtags when applicable because so many other people are using and searching for them. Trending hashtags may be related to holidays, seasons, social activities, etc. But, make sure the trending hashtag makes sense for your photo and lingerie store.


Ensure hashtags accommodate your photos

Hashtags must properly accommodate your social media photos. On Instagram, for example, someone searching a hashtag will likely only click on your photo if it catches their eye. And, once the user clicks on your photo, she must see how that hashtag relates to your content. Otherwise, she’ll back out and never truly see your content and brand.


See which hashtags competitors and influencers use

To determine which community hashtags you want to use, see which hashtags competitors and influencers are using. Be certain to review a variety of posts by one user. You’ll notice that the user includes different hashtags on each post, depending on the type of content. This is smart because you can target a variety of people.


Choose less competitive hashtags

Many hashtags are used by millions of people, like #instagood or #ootd. When you use highly popular hashtags, you must compete for exposure. This is because people are posting new content with that hashtag every minute, pushing your content to the bottom. However, using hashtags with only 20,000 or 400,000 uses allows your content to be seen longer by more people. 



Lingerie store owners must use the right hashtags to see a positive ROI from including hashtags. When the hashtags are smart and relevant, you’ll increase brand exposure, possibly boost your follower count and likely increase sales down the road. But, having no strategy behind your social media hashtags makes using hashtags irrelevant.

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