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How To Create A Social Media Content Calendar

A social media content calendar helps you strategically plan content to boost your lingerie business.

Of course, creating a content calendar isn't just about creating witty captions and taking pretty photos. It’s about building brand awareness and growing your customer base.

Before we discuss how to create a social media content calendar, let’s first go over what you want to include in it.


What To Include In Your Social Media Content Calendar

Having a social media content calendar keeps your social media efforts organized and efficient. You have content to post consistently without having to brainstorm original content each day. But, to get the most value out of your efforts, you must be strategic about the content you include.

Consider what you want to promote with your social media content before creating the calendar. To begin that brainstorm process, think ahead to the next one, two and three months of business. What will your lingerie business be doing and promoting?

Here are some items that you could include in your social media content calendar:


Sales or promotions


New products

Programs, such as a loyalty program

A specific brand

A contest

An event

Policy changes

Company updates


The reason you think ahead for your content is so the content has plenty of time to do its job – which is to promote. Let’s say you have a sale starting in 5 weeks. You’d want to start peppering your social media channels with news about the sale at least a couple weeks ahead of time. This gives your audience time to see the content (hopefully a few times) and to plan to visit your lingerie store.

Don’t be afraid to promote an item more than once within a single content calendar. The trick is to be creative with your messaging. For instance, you don’t have to repeat something like “Don’t forget our upcoming 30% off sale!” on every post that promotes the sale. Instead, you could showcase one of your best-selling products. The copy that goes with the post may be specific to that product. And at the end of the copy, you remind your audience that unique items, just like this one, will be 30% off in just a few weeks. You’re giving the same message, but you’re presenting it in a new way.

Once you jot down upcoming initiatives for your lingerie business, you’re ready to create the social media content calendar.


How To Create A Social Media Content Calendar

I suggest that you create social media content calendars in two-week blocks to ensure content is current. The format of a social media content calendar can vary. Some people prefer using an Excel spreadsheet, while others prefer a Word document. Regardless of your platform choice, your calendar should be broken down by social media channel. (For instance, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Let’s break down the steps of how to create a social media content calendar:


Write copy

Start by creating content for just one social media channel - not all of them at once. Review the list of items you need to promote, then determine what needs to be included in the next two weeks of content. From there, begin writing copy for each item and assigning that piece of content to a day of the week. This is also where you would include any relevant hashtags you wish to publish with the content. You’ll then have two weeks of social media copy for that one channel.


Add photos and/or graphics

Once you have the copy written, you can pull accommodating photography. You may opt to use original photography, stock photography or even graphics. If you use stock photos, just make sure you have the necessary permissions to use them. If it’s graphics you need to create, you can give Canva a try. It’s a simple-to-use online design software. Also, be mindful that you use your brand colors when creating graphics.


Re-purpose content for remaining channels

After completing the content for one social media channel, you can repurpose it for other channels. You’ll want to make any necessary tweaks to the content for specific channels. For instance, Instagram allows 2,200 characters in a caption, but Twitter only allows 140. When you’re finished creating the content calendar, each social media channel will have copy, graphics and/or photos and publishing dates.


Proofread and schedule content

Now, it’s time to proofread and schedule the content via an automation tool, such as Hootsuite. I recommend scheduling Facebook content in Facebook’s built in publisher, as this is preferred by Facebook’s algorithm. Instagram doesn’t fully support automated publishing, so you’ll want to keep the content calendar on hand. You could load it to Google Drive for 24/7 access, especially if others will be accessing it.



A few days before your content calendar expires, you’ll want to begin creating your next calendar. But before doing so, review the social media analytics from your previous content to determine the content that performed well. Analyze your results, use those insights to recreate successes in your next content calendar and repeat. 

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