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How To Create Instagram Photos Your Followers Will Love

At only seven years old, Instagram has become an essential marketing tool for businesses.

The photo-sharing social media platform has more than 500 million monthly users, and 31 percent of American women use Instagram, according to Hootsuite. That’s a large audience for brands to tap into, as well as a nice pool of female leads for lingerie stores.

With all the photos that appear in an Instagram user’s feed, your brand’s photo must stand out to get noticed. It takes a quality photo to make an impression on those users and to hopefully gain their engagement. 

Let’s discuss 9 tips for creating an Instagram-worthy photo. 


1.  Align with your brand.

From your brand’s color palette to its persona, make sure the photo aligns with your brand. You should also think of your Instagram profile as a whole when considering images to post. Users will see your posted photo in their Instagram feed, and if it entices them, they’ll click over to your profile. The image they initially clicked should align with your brand so they are not surprised by the other content and photos on your profile.


2.  Shoot in good lighting.

Lighting is key in photography, so it’s essential for a quality Instagram photo. A well-lit photo brings the image to life and allows the viewer to encompass the full subject of a photo. Natural light produces excellent photos. And though some interior lighting can suffice, be wary of some indoor lighting’s yellow tone that is not appealing for a photo. If you have an excellent photo opportunity, but the lighting isn’t up to par, it’s probably a good idea to pass on the photo. Perhaps instead you could share that photo on your Instagram story.


3.  Ensure it’s a crisp image.

No one appreciates a photo that is slightly blurry or out of focus. A clear, crisp image, on the other hand, makes a viewer feel like they are taking the photo themselves. A crisp image also captures small details, like textures or fabric patterns, that help to show off the product. Of course, it’s fine to focus in on one element within the photo. Just make sure the entire photo isn’t unintentionally blurry.


4.  Incorporate the human element.

Although flatlays (photos of objects placed strategically on a solid background) do well on Instagram, people still appreciate the human element in photos. The human element lets people see that the photo is realistic. For instance, you could put a chemise on a hanger, then hold the hanger in front of a solid or fun background. With painted nails and a little jewelry, the chemise look is brought full-circle.

instagram parfait lingerie sandrine bra.png

'Sandrine' Plunge Longline Bra P5351 & 'Sandrine' Brazilian Thong P5354 in Cameo Rose


5.  Play off colors.

Vibrant colors catch a viewer’s attention. Plus, when an image is crisp and shot in good lighting, those colors pop even more. Don’t be afraid of color – it makes your Instagram profile stand out. (Just be mindful that you include colors that align with your brand.)


6.  Use different angles.

When you only use one angle for photos, your Instagram profile can seem flat. Using different angles creates depth and different points of view. Often one, specific point of view can take a photo to a new level. So, before you start snapping shots, play with angles to see what looks the most appealing.


7.  Think in squares.

Because Instagram only uses squares, you’ll need to see photo opportunities in squares. Some images may be beautiful, but when cropped to a square, they lose their shine. Consider how you can best represent the image in a square.


8.  Initiate a feeling from your photo. 

Photos initiate a feeling within us. These feelings are what connect us with the photo. A field of wildflowers may make us feel peaceful and creative, while an image of an adorable couple holding hands on a downtown street may make us feel dreamy and romantic. Consider how you want the photo to make the viewer feel and use that feeling as your inspiration for the photo. Often, the same way you want a viewer to feel about a photo is the same way you felt about the image before capturing it.


9.  Don’t be afraid to edit the photo.

Finally, don’t be afraid to use an editing tool on your Instagram photos. Often, a simple effect or color pop can help inspire that feeling you wanted the photo to initiate. Instead of taking a photo and immediately posting it, take a few minutes to edit so that it’s vibrant and eye-catching.



You don’t need a fancy camera to capture beautiful Instagram photos. What makes a good photo is the strategy behind the camera – even if it’s your phone camera. Be strategic, get creative and be picky about the quality of photo you post.


Featured image: 'Elissa' Unlined Wire Babydoll P5018 in Pearl White

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