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How To Find Your Unique Selling Proposition And Identify What It Means To Your Business

We all want our store and our brand to stand out in a crowd, finding your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is possibly the most important decision you have to make.

Your Unique Selling Proposition is Your Story

Each business has its unique story to tell, and so does your store. A unique selling proposition is simply defined as what your business stands for. Bear in mind that it is something very specific and that’s what makes your store known for. If you want to be known as the best place to purchase plus-sized bras in the community, then provide the best and unique experience for your customers and deliver on that promise of being the best place to shop for plus-sized bras. 

Defining Your Story

You can choose to be the most convenient, customer-friendly store for buying lingerie. The key is all about being unique and what makes your business different from anyone else. 
Many businesses often start by offering everything they have to their customers. For example, a business wants to have the best potato fries AND the best hamburgers. Another business wants to be known for its quality bags AND shoes. The problem is when you want to be known for everything; you end up not being known at all.
Starbucks is known for their quality, premium coffee beverage which makes them stand out among other coffee shops in the country. Taking this stand means their coffee prices are often higher compared to those offered in your local AM/PM or 7Eleven. Since they don’t compete with other coffee brands at lower prices, what they’ve built is a value for the cup of coffee a customer gets and the experience. Plus, the brand went beyond customer service to develop customer loyalty so intense it builds fanaticism. This is because their brand promised to provide ONLY quality premium coffee beverages curated from all over the world. Of course, Starbucks does also offer sandwiches, smoothies, and other things, but the business‘s unique selling proposition is premium coffee.

A strong USP makes the competition irrelevant.

The Blue Ocean Strategy clearly reflects this. In today’s overcrowded business landscape, competing head-on often leads to rivals fighting over a decreasing profit pool. With a strong, unique selling proposition, you create your blue ocean where you deliver a unique value to your customers instead of neck and neck in the competition to win over customers. 

Your USP help consumers understand exactly your business and what it offers. 

More than just a business, your product or service have to make sense and offer value. The quality and value proposition have to speak for themselves. These also include the experiences as well as the environment that you provide for your customers. Successfully branded businesses have their brand and message reflected in every aspect of their business — from their employees all the way to how they interact with their customers. 

Before creating USPs, define your target audience first.

Big or small, what successful businesses, have in common is that they know their target audience. They listen to these target customers—it is how they stay relevant over time. You need to clearly define why you started your business in the first place, while making sure that your brand identity is never compromised and innovating the best value products and services to set your brand apart and keep your fans engaged.  

What Will Your Business Stand For?

Your unique selling proposition ensures that your store has an enduring brand DNA. This creates sustainability and separates it from flash-in-the-pan-type of businesses. Your business story is constantly contemporized to differentiate it from the market, and this is what makes your followers know you better, and become your most loyal customers. 

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