How to Gain New Lingerie Store Customers Through Instagram

Instagram can be used to attract new, quality customers to your lingerie business.

But like all aspects of marketing, you must have a strategy in place to see results. In this article, we’ll discuss one specific strategy for lingerie stores to gain new customers through Instagram.


1.  Make sure Instagram traffic is qualified.

The first step in gaining new lingerie customers through Instagram is making sure your Instagram traffic is qualified. This means that the people viewing your Instagram account aren’t just anyone. Lingerie store owners need their Instagram traffic to be people who are genuinely interested in the product and could potentially make a purchase. So, how do you do that?

How to do this:

Find lingerie business Instagram accounts similar to yours, and engage with those accounts’ followers. You could click on the lingerie store’s followers, and like the followers’ content and/or follow them. Or, you could click on the list of accounts that liked the lingerie store’s content. (If the followers are engaging with the other store’s content, they’ll likely engage with yours, too.)

Targeting followers of lingerie businesses that share your demographic ensures that you’re targeting qualified leads. Plus, it helps organically grow your following.


2.  Offer a lead magnet in your Instagram bio.

Lingerie store owners must have a strategy to generate leads from the qualified Instagram users that view the store’s profile. Offering a free lead magnet in your Instagram bio is a great way to do this. A good lead magnet will provide value to your target customer, and in return, you gain their email address.


How to do this:

This is where you get creative. What valuable item or piece of information can you offer your ideal customer at no cost? Let’s say you offer a downloadable, printable lover’s coupon book. You’d include something like “Grab your FREE printable lover’s coupon book now!” and the link to the coupon book’s landing page in your bio. The prospect must provide their email address for the coupon book to be emailed to them.

 Because the coupon book is emailed, the prospect can only provide a valid email address. And, you’ve just added one more subscriber to your lingerie store’s email list.

It’s also a good idea to promote the coupon book in your Instagram posts every few days. This ensures that your bio isn’t the only place users hear about your lead magnet. You can always delete previous promotional posts to not seem over promotional.


3.  Offer a special, one-time offer.

Your new email subscriber is now a warm lead, so it’s time to try to make a sale.


How to do this:

Once the person provides their email address, don’t just say, “Thanks, your coupon book is on its way!” Instead, direct the person to a “thank you” landing page that also pushes a sale with a special, one-time offer. Perhaps that special offer is a 15% off coupon to use at your lingerie store. Your landing page might say something like “You just downloaded our lover’s coupon book which qualifies you for one-time special offer! Please enjoy 15% off any item!” You’d provide a coupon code or a printable coupon for them to bring in-store.

Tracking if a user redeems a coupon is very helpful. If you see they didn’t take advantage of the offer, you could send an email a couple days later with a final chance to redeem the coupon. (Again, pushing that sale.)



Incorporating an Instagram lead generation strategy helps lingerie businesses can gain new customers. Give your lead magnets time to get results, and analyze those results. Then, play around with various lead magnets to see which yields the best results.

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