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How To Get More Testimonials For Your Lingerie Store

Showcasing customer testimonials is an excellent way to provide social proof to your customers.

Social proof is the notion that other people’s (or society’s) behaviors influence your customers’ behaviors.

The concept is that if someone else is doing or buying something, it must be the right or best thing to do or buy. So, by sharing your lingerie store’s testimonials, you’re showing customers that other people have bought and loved your product. That positive feedback solidifies the customer’s decision to buy from you.

Don’t worry if your lingerie business is lacking customer testimonials. There are several ways you can encourage your happy customers to provide you with glowing testimonials.

Here are four ways lingerie store owners can get more testimonials:


1.  Use automated emails

Ask for customer feedback in your lingerie business’s automated emails. Perhaps you decide to create an email campaign just for testimonials. Your campaign may offer a discount or early bird shopping access to customers who provide feedback. It’s also a great idea to ask for feedback via an automated email after a customer makes a purchase.

But, consider all the other automated emails you send to customers. Simply adding a line that says you’d love to hear feedback could lead to some helpful reviews. This is one reason why it’s essential to be personable in your email content. Your customers are more likely to respond to you request for feedback via email when they feel like there’s a real person on the other end.

2.  Send A Survey

Send a survey to your customers to get more testimonials for your lingerie store. A survey is helpful because you can guide your customer by asking specific questions. Whether you want more testimonials about customer service or lingerie quality, you can pose questions to fit your needs. Remember to not make your survey too long. If there are excess questions, a customer won’t complete the survey. Be strategic with your survey questions and keep it short.


3.  Ask for testimonials

Lingerie store owners can earn testimonials by asking for them in-person and online. Loyal customers are usually happy to provide kind words on your behalf. However, you won’t always get the review without asking for it. You could ask familiar customers in-store if they’d be interested in providing a review. Or, you could include a feedback text box on your website or during the checkout process.

Again, an excellent time to ask for feedback is after a customer makes a purchase. The customer would have already experienced your customer service, product, checkout process, shipping time, etc. and can provide an honest review.


4.  Look around for previous testimonials

You may have glowing testimonials for your lingerie store without even realizing it. Check for customer reviews throughout your digital footprint. You can look in blog comments, emails, Google reviews, Yelp reviews, etc. You can share those reviews across your marketing channels. When you find or receive glowing feedback, it’s a good idea to keep it on file. That way you can easily source a testimonial when you need one.



Your lingerie business may not have many customer testimonials now, but you can earn them easily. Earning more testimonials means asking for them more often. Once you have the reviews, build them into your marketing strategy by incorporating them into your website or social media.

Of course, it’s always helpful to incentivize providing a review. Customers are providing you with a positive review and may be more encouraged to do so if they receive something in return. You could offer a small discount in exchange for a customer taking time to complete a survey or provide feedback.

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