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6 Simple and Powerful Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Having lots of social media followers – especially on Instagram – is a goal for many lingerie businesses.

But businesses don’t want a large following just for the sake of having it. A large Instagram following gives you access to customers right at your fingertips. And these customers aren’t just customers – they are fans.

People who believe in the product you sell and/or the brand you’ve created. You can push news about sales, discounts or new products right to your fanbase. And because they love your business, they usually act as ambassadors, spreading positive words about you.

Are you wondering now how to increase Instagram followers organically for your lingerie store? Growing your Instagram isn’t the quickest process. You could pay for services that will provide you with fake Instagram followers and fake likes on your posts. (But, if your goal is to grow your Instagram following with real people, why would you start with fake followers?)

Instead, you should grow your Instagram following organically to create a qualified, loyal fan base.

Here’s how to grow your Instagram organically:


1.  Create rich content

The first step for increasing your Instagram followers is to post rich content. Remember, your content should serve your followers, not your business. It’s a no brainer for Instagram users to “follow” you when they connect with your content.


2.  Post consistently

Consistency is key for Instagram success. You need to publish posts consistently, and avoid instances where you go “MIA” on Instagram. For instance, if you typically post every other day, don’t accidentally post once in a week. Or, if you post new products to Instagram each Friday, be sure you keep at it. Your Instagram followers get used to seeing your content, and if they know when certain content is published, they’ll keep an eye out for it. If you go through periods where you forget to post on Instagram, followers may not see a reason to continue to follow you.


3.  Stay on brand

It’s important to ensure everything you post on Instagram aligns with your lingerie business’ brand. This is essential for two reasons. If a non-follower comes across one of your Instagram photos and is intrigued, she’ll click into your profile. If this one photo seems random compared to the rest of your Instagram content, she’ll likely back out and forget you. However, if she liked what she saw in the first photo, then found additional content she loved on your profile, she may click “follow.”

Staying on brand is also important for your current Instagram followers. They followed along with you because they like the content you were pushing. However, if that content or message suddenly changes, they may have a change of heart too.


4.  Interact with your followers

Interacting with your followers will help you keep them. They followed along with you because they like your brand, but they also want to feel like you are real. When you respond promptly to their comments and messages, you’re showing your followers that you are engaged. And when you like and/or comment on your followers’ content, it reminds followers that you are real and that you care. But remember, your comments must be genuine.


5.  Like and comment on non-followers’ content

“Outreach” is one of my favorite tips to give when people ask me how to increase Instagram followers. (Because the best way to have more people discover your Instagram profile is to put it in front of them.) When you like and post genuine comments on non-followers’ content, you’re exposing your business and your Instagram. This can prompt the non-follower – and even others that see your comment – to visit your profile.

But of course, you can’t interact with non-followers who aren’t your demographic and expect to grow your Instagram. Be strategic about the profiles you target. A good way to find non-followers to target is to go into a similar brand’s follower list or to search relevant hashtags.


6.  Use relevant hashtags

Using relevant hashtags in your Instagram content helps your content get discovered. Instagram users who search for that hashtag will see your photo in search results. It’s an easy way to drive traffic to your Instagram profile without putting forth much effort.



Knowing how to grow your Instagram organically and strategically is important. It ensures that you build a following made up of your demographic. So, consequently, those followers can evolve into loyal customers and fans. But don’t get so caught up with getting new followers that you forget about your current ones. You must always treat your current followers well to continue to grow. 


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