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How To Grow Your Instagram Audience

If you are active on Instagram in your personal life, chances are you follow at least one small boutique or business. 

You have probably noticed that some brands have thousands of followers and have wondered how you can incorporate Instagram into your lingerie business’ marketing efforts.  

But did you know that Instagram boasts a higher engagement rate than any other social media network? 

In the U.S., there are 64 million active Instagram users, and the figure is set to grow to over 100 million by 2019.  In 2015, Millennials reported spending more than 400 minutes a month scrolling through their Instagram feed.   Instagram users are 15 times more likely to like, comment, or share on a brand’s posts than Facebook or Twitter users.  And all this exposure is available to you at no cost!  As a small business owner, you cannot afford to ignore Instagram’s reach.

But how can you grow your Instagram audience, making the effort you put into formulating posts and taking photographs, worth your time?


1.  Connect the Instagram account to your other social media channels

The social media savvy know that when you connect your Instagram account to Facebook or Twitter, any image you share will automatically post to your other profiles.  This cuts your workload (since you don’t have to post the same message on multiple platforms), and allows those who don’t already follow you on lnstagram to click to see your feed.  From there, they can like images, comment, share, and choose to follow your account. Make sure you connect all your social accounts whenever possible to streamline your marketing efforts online.


2.  Post what people want to see

To gain new followers, post regularly and post what your audience wants to see.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer!  The beauty of using social media to promote your business is the way it allows loyal and potential customers to get to know you.  Shoot behind the scenes – show how you prep for events, design in store displays, or unveil new products.  And don’t forget that Instagram does include a video feature. Instagram is meant to engage with fans and followers in a casual way – but take advantage of filters and other editing tools to really make your Instagram content pop.


3.  Involve your followers

Another benefit of utilizing social media like Instagram is the ability to interact with your followers.  Check in often and respond to your followers’ comments.  Follow people back and comment on their posts.  You can crowdsource photo content by encouraging followers to upload their own photos to your stream.  But the best way to gain new followers is to run a new twist on an old-fashioned contest.  Offer a prize people want to win, and then ask them to comment and tag a friend!


4.  Promote your overall brand

The visual appeal of Instagram makes it the better choice to promote your overall aesthetic.  Go beyond product photos to tell your story.  Share inspirational quotes and personal stories.  You can use apps such as Typorama or WordSwag to turn words into beautiful typographic designs.   Use the bio section of your profile to link to your website, and also add it to your comments.   Another way to find your audience on Instagram is to join forces with brands that align with yours and share one another ‘s posts.  Both companies benefit from the additional exposure.


5.  #Hashtag it

While hashtags may seem best left to middle schoolers, they are actually handy search tools that help users find what they are interested in.  Hashtags make your content easier to find for those that don’t already follow you.  Spend some time researching the most popular hashtags in your niche and keep them handy in the Notes app on your phone.  That way you can simply copy and paste them into your comments section each time you post.



If you are looking for a no cost way to build your brand, increase sales, and engage with new and existing customers, then Instagram is the social media platform for you.  You’ll find that as you spend more time on Instagram, you’ll learn new ways to post your content by following others. Experiment and see what your fans seem to engage with the most then continue to post in a similar way. 

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