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6 Tried and True Tips For Improving Your Google Search Ranking

Having your website appear higher in Google’s search results can undoubtedly have a huge impact on your lingerie business.

But how can you stand out amongst competitors to achieve this? While Google is continually updating their algorithms for ranking, there are certain practices that will make a positive difference in your ranking regardless.

Trying to improve your visibility in Google searches? Simply consider these tried-and-true tips and let the traffic come to you.


Mind your URLs

It’s easy to forget that the actual web addresses on your site matter. As a general rule, shorter URLs perform better than long ones in rankings, so do your best to minimize the number of words and slashes.

Don’t forget to include keywords in the URL names as well, and be sure to use hyphens to separate them. No matter the length of the URL, the keywords should always be as close as possible to the name of your domain.


Embrace long-tail keywords

When you’re using hashtags, it’s best to use the most popular ones, right? Not necessarily — with more posts attached to them, your post may get lost. The same goes for keywords — instead of trying to compete for ultra-popular ones, try identifying longer, more specific keywords (that contain three or more words). Not only will your site rank more easily for these, but they’ll also be more tailored to your particular business.

You can start by plugging some relevant options into Google’s Keyword Planner to figure out which ones you should optimize for. Be sure to look at the competition (number of search results Google displays) as well as the monthly searches for those keywords. Don’t forget to include those keywords in wherever they fit, including product pages, blog posts, meta tags, image file names, and URLs.


Build a strategy for link building

One of the most important factors in determining your site’s Google search ranking is backlinks — which are incoming hyperlinks from an external website. Keep in mind that not all backlinks are created equal — in fact, a single link from a popular, trustworthy site is far more valuable than tons of links from smaller, lesser-known ones.

Don’t know how to start building links? There are several different ways to go about it. While you can certainly pitch ideas to news sites, magazines, and other publications, you can also try guest blogging for other sites, or reach out to local style bloggers and partner with them to get a mention in a review or how-to post. This is a particularly fruitful strategy for small lingerie businesses, as prospective customers may get inspired by how a style influencer uses your products.

Participating in local events or partnering with complementary businesses could lead to helpful backlinks as well. Don’t forget to ask manufacturers for backlinks — most brands have a page where they link to lingerie stores that carry their products, and this can drive a lot of traffic to your site.


Develop evergreen content

One of the top tactics to obtaining backlinks is to create content on your blog that’s continually relevant. In other words, instead of focusing on trendy topics, opt for subjects that are always useful. A blog about finding the right bra style for your body is timeless, whereas a blog about a passing lingerie fad is not.

When composing a blog post, ask yourself: Is it likely people will still be reading this a decade from now? That translates to 10 years of potential backlinks. So in strategizing blog topics, do your research on common questions and concerns customers have regarding lingerie, and start there.


Update frequently

Speaking of your blog, staying on top of regular posting is key. That’s because the more frequently you update with new content, the more Google will deem your website as an important source of information, and reward you for it in search rankings.

If you can’t post every day, try to update your blog at least once a week. There’s an added benefit to this, too: With every SEO-friendly blog you post, you have an opportunity to rank for new search terms, thus potentially enhancing your visibility on Google.


Think local

Have you claimed your business listing on Google? That should be a top priority in terms of driving traffic to your website. The fact is that as a small business, you probably have a better chance of ranking in local results rather than organic search results because you’re solely competing with other lingerie stores in your area.

Moreover, local results are particularly beneficial because customers searching for “lingerie store Philadelphia” are more likely to have an intent to buy versus someone just browsing for lingerie ideas. Don’t just claim your Google business page, though, take the time to optimize it.

In addition to including basic info such as the address, contact information, business category and hours, make sure to integrate at least three to five high-res photos and a thoughtful description of your store.



In reality, boosting your Google search ranking is an ongoing effort, but one that’s well worth it. By adhering to these strategies, you can earn the search engine’s favor, thus ensuring your business is more visible to potential customers and ultimately driving traffic to your site.


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