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How To Improve Your Business Using Buyer Personas

What are buyer personas? Do you know who they are in your business? How much do you know about them?

You would be surprised that many entrepreneurs admit they don’t have the slightest idea who their customers are, what are their wants and desires, or even their most excruciating problems.

Knowing and understanding customers and their needs have always been at the center of every successful business.

Fashion chic Lyndsy. Office Girl Maya. Mommy Claire.

A buyer-persona is a semi-fictional profile of who you need to influence with your marketing to attract and retain business.

After positioning your local business as an expert in your community, a buyer persona makes the process easier as it allows you to tailor your message that will grab their attention and solve their problem.


What are key benefits to creating detailed buyer personas?

Creating and understanding buyer personas is crucial to driving content creation, product and service development, and everything that has to do with customer acquisition, referrals, and retention.

With this in mind, having a detailed buyer persona allows you to make a personal connection with your prospect, customize their experience further enhancing your relationship with them.

This gives you a better idea in the end about your ideal customer is, based on the different personas that you have.

By truly knowing your customer, you can source the right products for them and provide insight on what inventory to keep. This improves the overall buying experience for your customers.


How to Create Buyer Personas

Through research, surveys, and interviews of a target audience, you can create buyer personas. Creating personas may include a combination of customers, prospects and those people you can find outside of contacts database.

If you do a Google search of buyer persona templates, you will find they all share the same basic information --who this person is, what they value, how best to speak to them.

Let’s dig in some of the most practical ways in gathering information to create buyer personas.

  • Start with your contacts. You may be surprised that there are some new information you can find about how certain leads or how customers find and consume your content.
  • Create forms on your website. Place in the form fields the required and important persona information. For example, you can ask about their type of work or how often do they purchase lingerie in a week, month or year.
  • Interview your sales team. Your sales team’s feedback can also be a great source of info. They can best provide feedback on the different types of customers they serve.
  • Interview customers and prospects. You can reach out to good and bad customers. This way you can learn the best products you have as well as some challenges your customers are. Interviewees normally want to be heard, and they will give ideas on what they think about the products.


What are categories should I include in my buyer personas?

This will consist of what they do and where, their demographics, goals and challenges, values and fears and what marketing messages best resonate with them.

You can also include where did they find out about you first, where they consume information. These include the social media like Facebook, Twitter, local news or blog sites.


Why is it important for me to use my contact database when creating buyer personas?

Start with customers who are already spending with you.

They have already made the commitment to buy from you. You already solved a pain point for them.

The best step is to communicate, interview or survey them on why they bought from you; this will give you a picture of what problem your store solves for them.


People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.

- Zig Ziglar

This is especially true with your current customers; they have already made the emotional decision to hand over their hard-earned money to purchase a product you have.

You can easily communicate and interview someone who has already invested in your success.

It is more difficult to find out later that your assumptions are wrong about your customer.


How do I use Buyer Persona to Improve My Business?

When you have gathered the information in creating buyer personas on your business, it is best to share these findings with the rest of your staff.

  • Talk about your Persona’s Motivation. This is where you'll extract the information you got during those interviews. What does your persona want when they are shopping for lingerie? What hinders them to purchase? What keeps them motivated to shop?
  • Prepare for Conversations. You can include real quotes from your interviews that typify what your personas are concerned about, what they are looking for in lingerie or their challenges. Include some objections that may be raised during the conversation and prepare the sales team on how to best address them.
  • Brainstorm on Crafting Messages. With information at hand, talk about the best message you can communicate to a certain persona. This message allows you to position the solutions that best resonate with the customer.



A buyer persona can change how your store and message is viewed.

At the end of the day, buyer personas will help you hone in on your audience and better position your expertise and products to solve their problems.

When you solve problems for your customers, everyone wins.

Your store’s success does not depend on every single customer in the world; your success is reliant on the key focused customers who really care about your store, your product and your brand.

Strategizing your message, content, products and services to attract your ideal customer, will ultimately mean value for them and more revenue for you.

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