How to Use Instagram to Showcase Your Lingerie Store’s Testimonials

Sharing just one happy customer’s testimonial with your audience can be highly influential.

From email marketing to social media, your lingerie business should share the testimonial on every platform possible. Instagram is a great tool for showcasing your lingerie store’s testimonials. But, with Instagram being centered around quality images, how do you do it? 

Instagram relies heavily on captivating imagery, so you must ensure the testimonial looks appealing. You can, of course, include a caption with your testimonial post. But, if the image itself isn’t intriguing, your audience will scroll right past it.

Here are five ways to use Instagram to showcase your lingerie store’s testimonials:


1.  Create a text graphic of the testimonial to post.

Creating a text graphic of a testimonial is one way to share the testimonial on Instagram. The graphic displays the text as the image. You could put the text over a photo or use a solid color as the background instead. Creating your own graphics is a great idea because it allows you to use your lingerie store’s brand colors. Using brand colors keeps the image on brand, but also makes it fit in with your other Instagram content.

Text graphics are best if the testimonial is short. You want to ensure there are not too many words on the graphic, otherwise, people may not read it. If the testimonial is long, consider including only an intriguing snippet in the text graphic. You could then post the full testimonial in the caption. Canva, InDesign or Photoshop would suffice for creating text graphics. (But, if you’re not familiar with Adobe products, I’d recommend Canva.)


2.  Post a video testimonial. 

Another way to use Instagram to showcase your lingerie store’s testimonials is by creating a video. Video is a great tool to draw in your audience. Perhaps the video is a short snippet of the customer giving their testimonial. Or, the video could promote the testimonial’s main message, including the testimonial as text in the video.

For example, let’s say a customer gave a testimonial about how beneficial it was getting a bra fitting at your store. The video could show still-images of bra fittings or an actual video of a bra fitting. The testimonial text could be used at the beginning, end or throughout the video. Animoto is a social media tool offering templates to help you easily create exciting videos.


3.  Let a happy customer do an “Instagram takeover.”

You could let a happy customer share their testimonial via an “Instagram takeover.” An Instagram takeover involves another Instagram user posting content within your lingerie business’ account, but as themselves. This technique is usually most successful when the person “taking over” your Instagram is an influencer. The influencer would have a decent Instagram following themselves and a brand that corresponds with yours.


Influencer Tips

You’d work with the influencer to determine the details before the takeover begins, like how long it will last and what the message is. Instagram takeovers are helpful because it gives your audience another person’s positive perspective on your brand. And, the influencer would let their followers know to watch for them in the Instagram takeover. Hence, sending your Instagram profile new traffic. But, you want the influencer to be authentic and not promotional. The influencer would share photos (or videos) focused around your lingerie store, then use the caption to explain their experience.


4.  Use Instagram stories to promote testimonials. 

If your lingerie store isn’t using Instagram stories, start now. Instagram stories are an extremely helpful tool for lingerie store owners. You could post a short testimonial video to your Instagram story or use the story to tease a testimonial post. It’s possible someone would see your Instagram story before seeing your Instagram post with the testimonial. So, your story could encourage your audience to click over to your profile to see what a customer said about your lingerie business.


5.  Post a screenshot of a testimonial. 

Taking a screenshot of testimonial is a quick and easy way to share it. This method would work if a testimonial was given to your lingerie business on social media, Yelp, Google, your website, your blog, etc. But, don’t forget that the screenshot needs should be visually appealing. If the screenshot isn’t captivating enough as an Instagram photo, perhaps share it on your Instagram story instead.



Lingerie store owners must share testimonials when they receive them. Use your judgement to decide how to best use a testimonial. But, remember you don’t have to only use one method to share the testimonial. Using multiple methods gives you more content and provides more opportunity for your audience to see the testimonial. Just be sure you have the customer’s written permission before using their name, photo or video for promotional purposes.

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