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How To Use Keywords To Boost Your Lingerie Store's Sales

Keywords are an essential part of a marketing strategy.

A keyword is a word or phrase that defines what your content is about. When keywords are included within your website, your content is more easily found by search engines. Without keywords, it’s possible a user would only find your content by typing in your website address. In other words, keywords help your content be discovered, which can increase your bottom line.

Let’s discuss in more detail how keywords work and why they’re so important. 


Why keywords are important

SEO keywords are extremely important for driving qualified traffic to your website. Let’s think about the people that know about your lingerie business. Your loyal customers or newsletter subscribers know about your business and what you offer. However, you have a lot of target customers out there that don’t know about you. This may be because that customer doesn’t live in your part of town or even in the same town as you. Keywords are extremely helpful in tapping into that extended audience.

Keywords help optimize your content for search engines so search engines can find your content. This type of keyword is called an SEO (search engine optimization) keyword. Let’s say your lingerie business is located in St. Paul, MN, and you use keywords like “St. Paul lingerie store” and “lingerie stores in St. Paul.” A user who’s interested in shopping for lingerie in St. Paul may perform a Google search to find her best options. It’s very likely that your lingerie business will populate in her Google search because of your well-planned SEO keywords. This is an example of an organic search. Organic searches are golden in marketing because you didn’t have to work very hard to get that qualified user on your website. You put out the bait – or shall we say, quality content and keywords – and they took it.

Without those keywords, that customer may have never found your store, and she could have shopped at a competitor’s store instead.


Where keywords are used

Keywords are used in various areas of your website. Your SEO keywords should be included in web page content, like blog posts, product descriptions or the “about” page. It’s good SEO practice to also include these keywords in web page titles, web page URLs and several times within the page’s content.

Meta keywords are keywords included in the HTML of a web page to describe what the page’s content is about. These meta keywords are helpful because they, too, help search engines find your content for users. The meta description is another place to insert keywords into your website’s HTML. The meta description is usually structured like a sentence and is no longer than 160 characters.

When a user performs a search on a search engine, the search engine sends “crawlers” out to find the most relevant and helpful content for that specific search. Adding keywords in the content, URL, page title, meta keywords and meta description is good way to help those crawlers locate your content.


How to determine your SEO keywords

Now that you understand how keywords can drive traffic to your website, it’s time to determine your own keywords. To get started finding the right keywords for your lingerie business, try using Google’s keyword tool – Keyword Planner. Keyword Planner is a free tool of Google Adwords that helps you find the most efficient keywords for your business.

To use Google’s keyword tool, you’ll just need an Adwords account, which is also free to create. From there, Keyword Planner will ask you to describe your business in keywords and phrases, and then it will populate keyword ideas for you. Once you’ve decided on strong keywords for your lingerie business, you can begin using them in the areas we discussed above. Of course, you can also opt to bid on keywords within Google AdWords to promote your content. If you go this route, you’ll just need to determine how much money you want to spend on bidding.



Coming up with keywords for your lingerie business takes strategy. But simply including them in page content isn’t enough to make your page rank in Google searches. You must strategically place keywords throughout text and HTML to optimize keywords for search engines.

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