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Improve Your Lingerie Store's Online Presence Today With These Key Tips

Now, more than ever before, savvy shoppers are doing their research before doing business with a new company. 

Consumers have a world of information literally at their fingertips.  Before making a purchase, your prospective lingerie customers search for additional information, make price comparisons and check reviews. 

A recent study found that an overwhelming 90% of consumers who read online reviews to learn about a business were influenced by positive reviews and 86% said their decisions were influenced by negative reviews.

Despite all the other balls you have in the air when it comes to owning a lingerie business, it is essential that you take the time to pause and search for your business online through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

What people are saying about your store online is part of your lingerie business reputation.  Those posted reviews are what prospective customers first see when they turn to the internet searching for information about your store.  Managing that online conversation helps you to control what searchers find.

So how can you improve your online presence and make sure that potential customers are seeing the best of your lingerie business online?


Monitor your search results

Set aside a time each week to search for your business on the major search engines.  This way you will see what pops up when a customer researches you.  Ideally, sites that you own will pop up first – like your website, blog and social media handles.

Third-party review sites may also appear on the first page of results, which makes it imperative to keep an eye on what people are saying about you on review sites like Yelp. You can also set up a “Google Alert” to let you know anytime something is published with keywords related to your business.  Set up alerts for your store’s name, your name and your most popular products.


Monitor your social media accounts

People often share their opinions and experiences with a new business via social media.  Using a social media dashboard, such as Hootsuite, helps you track messages and mentions of your business across all your accounts in one place.  But the best way to control your online reputation is to make sure you have your own strong messaging. Make sure you are actively engaging customers on a variety of social media platforms. 


Monitor your blog posts

If you maintain a blog for your small business, don’t forget to check back on the comments and respond.  Do the same for any blog post you guest write for another site or any blogs that mention your business.  On most blogging platforms, when you write the post you are notified each time someone comments, making it easy to keep tabs on the conversation.  On other sites, the best way to stay involved is to comment on the post and opt in for additional comment notifications.


Monitor your reviews

Reviews are extremely important when you are looking for potential customers to become loyal shoppers.  Monitoring the major review sites (Yelp, Google Plus Local, Foursquare) is essential.  Designate a page on your website to share positive reviews, making them easy for customers to find.   Don’t be afraid to ask satisfied shoppers to share their experiences on review sites.  Many loyal customers are happy to do so.

If someone is bad-mouthing your brand, remain calm.  Make sure you understand the issue before responding.  Do not delete the comments.  This tends to stir the pot and make it look like you have something to hide.  Respond to comments quickly, showing that you are committed to hearing what customers have to say.  Try your best to rectify the situation.  Take responsibility for any mistakes and do what you can to make it right.


Employ an Online Reputation Management Service

As your business grows, monitoring your online reputation may prove to be too large of a job to manage.  Reputation management services cater to small business owners looking to outsource the time-consuming tasks of managing and aggregating online reviews.  Some sights, such as Trakur.com and Netvibes, offer basic tools for free.



While entrepreneurs often need to have thick skin, shrugging off negative online reviews can really hurt your business.  Today’s consumers whip out their phones and look for additional information before making even the smallest of purchases.  By managing your online presence, you are putting your lingerie business in the best light for all the world to see. 

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