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Is Your Lingerie Business Using The Right Social Media Platforms?

Social media marketing is an integral part of your lingerie business’s marketing strategy.

Advertising on social media allows your lingerie store to reach more people in your desired demographic. Publishing valuable content consistently gets your audiences’ attention, converting fans to customers. And, engaging with your audiences makes your business more personal, helping to create brand advocates out of customers.

However, every social media channel has a unique audience. With 1 billion monthly users, Facebook has the largest audience of all social platforms. About 44 percent of Facebook’s members are women, and 60 percent of 25-54 year-olds use Facebook. But, having the largest audience doesn’t necessarily make Facebook the best or only social media platform to utilize for your lingerie business. 

To know which social platforms are best for your lingerie business, you must understand who uses each. Let’s discuss the audiences of Instagram and Pinterest, and why these two channels are good fits for lingerie stores.


Using Instagram For Your Lingerie Business

Instagram can be very effective in helping lingerie store owners reach the younger portion of their audiences. Instagram has 600 million monthly users and 38 percent of women with an online presence use Instagram. But, what’s interesting about Instagram is the age of its audience. The platform is most popular among millennials as 58 percent of 18-29 year-olds have Instagram accounts. Built-in tools, like interactive Instagram stories makes this platform ultra-engaging and intriguing for millennials. The use of hashtags also helps you find your target audience and vice versa.


Using Pinterest For Your Lingerie Business

Like Google, Pinterest is set up as a search engine. Users type keywords into the Pinterest search bar and relevant Pins appear. In other words, you decide what keywords are tied to your Pinterest account and Pins. Though Facebook and Instagram incorporate hashtag functionality, which users can search, the platforms are not built upon that functionality. Pinterest’s functionality relies on searches.


Can pinterest drive traffic to your lingerie business?

Pinterest has 200 million monthly users, and 70 percent of those users are women. Further, 66 percent of Pinterest users are 25-54 year-olds, and 39 percent of those users are active retail shoppers. Pinterest users also tend to make more money than other social media users, with 40 percent of Pinterest users having a household income of $100,000 or greater. This means that with an effective Pinterest strategy, you can reach women who are looking to buy and discover new brands.


Why You Should Tailor Your Message To Each Social Platform

Understanding a social media channel’s unique audience helps lingerie store owners plan appropriate content for that channel. It's possible that your lingerie business’s target audience is on a variety of social networks, however, the same messaging won’t always be successful across platforms.

A female who fits your demographic on Facebook is likely different from a female who fits your demographic on Pinterest. The Facebook user may have a smaller household income and her interests could be vastly different than the Instagram user. By catering to each audience’s lifestyle and interests, your lingerie store can connect with her better.


Different Audiences Require Different Content

It’s also important for lingerie store owners to remember that each social media platform accommodates different types of content. For example, Instagram success relies on quality, captivating photos. The photos are the first thing a user sees when scrolling in her feed, and she may not read the caption if the photo doesn’t catch her eye. But on Pinterest, for instance, people use the platform as a search tool.

A Pinterest user may search “pretty bridal lingerie” to see relevant pins. Your bridal lingerie pins would need to be keyword optimized but also distinctly showcase the bridal lingerie. So, it’s unlikely that the exact photo you used on Instagram to show bridal lingerie would grab a Pinterest user’s attention.



Knowing who’s on each social media platform is essential for creating a social media marketing strategy that captures and converts your audience. Without successfully connecting with your audience, you can’t convert them to customers.

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