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Lingerie Store Owners: Here's How To Boost Your Instagram Engagement

Instagram is the egg everyone constantly tries to crack. And, as Instagram adds features, the process of getting more engagement becomes more intricate for lingerie store owners.

Today, boosting your Instagram engagement isn’t just about getting more likes and comments. It’s about getting more shares, views, swipes, saves, DMs, comments and likes. In other words, to boost engagement, your lingerie store must be using all of Instagram’s features.


The Importance of Boosting Your Lingerie Business’s Instagram Engagement

The point of getting more Instagram engagement isn’t for the sake of seeing those engagement numbers increase. More engagement puts your lingerie business’s Instagram content in front of more people. Instagram shows your content in more followers’ feeds as people increasingly interact with it. And when people interact with your entire account – DMs, highlights and stories – it tells Instagram that your account is worth seeing.

It’s this bigger reach that warrants more leads and sales – eventually turning your lingerie store’s Instagram hustle into profit.


8 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement

Putting a little more effort into your Instagram strategy will help boost engagement.

Here are eight ways to increase Instagram engagement:


1.  Include a call-to-action in posts.

Including a call-to-action in your posts’ captions encourages the viewer to act. The action the viewer takes serves as engagement. You can ask a question in your caption, so the viewer comments with an answer. Or, you could even direct viewers to your story or story highlights for more information.


2.  Post at optimal times.

You want to post content when most of your Instagram audience is online. This ensures more people see the post when it goes live and have the opportunity to engage with it sooner than later. The Instagram algorithm favors posts that perform well within the first hour.


3.  Post Instagram stories.

Posting to Instagram stories is a good way to get more views. When your story content is relatable, you’ll also encourage more direct messages. Plus, using features built into the stories, such as polls, encourages more engagement with your stories.


4.  Add links to Instagram stories.

Accounts with more than 10,000 Instagram followers can include links in Instagram stories. Every time a viewer “swipes up” to visit a link in your story, it’s engagement. However, the newly launched IGTV feature (Instagram TV) allows all accounts to link to IGTV videos within a story. So, if your lingerie store posts videos to IGTV, don’t forget to link them in your stories.


5.  Include hashtags, location tags and account tags.

Including hashtags, location tags and account tags in posts allows your lingerie business’s Instagram account to be easier to find through search. People searching those tags may stumble across your content. The easier your account is to find, the more opportunities you have for engagement.


6.  Engage with your followers.

Engaging with your followers is essential for engagement. Your response to a comment is a comment, so it serves as engagement. Responding to your followers’ comments and DMs shows Instagram that you’re responsive and worth being found by others.


7.  Engage with non-followers.

Engaging with non-followers puts your lingerie store’s Instagram account in front of users who may have not found you. By searching relative hashtags or scrolling through the follower lists of relevant accounts, you can find accounts who will love your content and follow along.


8.  Create content that serves your audience.

Last, but certainly not least, lingerie store owners must create Instagram content that serves the account’s audience. The content is not for your store, but for your followers. Creating valuable, rich content receives more natural engagement.



Your Instagram strategy must include videos, photos, stories, etc. so that you take advantage of every Instagram feature possible. When you give your followers more opportunities to engage with you, they will. And, you’ll boost your lingerie store’s overall Instagram engagement.  

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