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Lingerie Store Owners: Here's How To Schedule Instagram Posts

A lingerie store’s Instagram presence has become increasingly important over the years. Yet, the inability to automate Instagram content made the platform tedious for business use. That changed earlier this year when Instagram rolled out a new feature.  

Instagram now allows for third-party applications to publish posts, which means lingerie store owners can schedule Instagram content.


How Instagram scheduling works

Lingerie businesses using business Instagram profiles may schedule Instagram content. (The scheduling feature is not currently available to non-business profiles.) The posts cannot be scheduled within Instagram. Instead, you must use a third-party publishing platform, like Hootsuite or Sprout Social, to schedule the content. Applications like these vary in price and features. Some have trial period that allow you to try out the service and publish posts during the trial period for free.


Scheduling Instagram posts is simple

You upload your photo, type your caption and choose a publishing date and time. This functionality was available previously, however, the third-party app couldn’t publish to your Instagram without your help. Instead, the app sent you a notification telling you it’s time to publish your content. The new functionality is hassle-free – the post is published automatically at the designated time without any additional help from you.


What you need to know when scheduling Instagram posts

The ability to automate even just a portion of your lingerie business’s Instagram efforts is extremely helpful. However, scheduling Instagram posts doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily spend less time on the platform.

Here are a few things lingerie store owners should know about scheduling Instagram posts:



You may schedule four weeks of content at once on other social media platforms, like Facebook, but I wouldn’t suggest it for Instagram. Instagram relies on the positioning of captivating photos on your feed. Yet, your business and schedule fluctuate every day. You may want to post an impromptu photo instead of the one you planned three weeks ago.

Don’t risk creating a bunch of content that you won’t use. Schedule Instagram posts one to two weeks at a time, so your content remains timely. 



Your Instagram feed serves as an extension of your brand. So, now’s the time to start pre-planning your Instagram feed if you don’t already. It’s easier to control how your feed looks when you can schedule content.



Automating Instagram doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on your favorite features. Lingerie store owners can use hashtags and location, as well as tag other accounts when scheduling Instagram posts on third-party sites. You can even add rows of bullets between your caption and hashtags if you’d like.



Automating Instagram posts leaves room for disconnecting from your audience. Essentially, you could never open the app since a third-party site is scheduling all your content. But, this is would be detrimental to your Instagram growth.


Consistency is key on Instagram

Instagram updated its algorithm earlier this year to focus on engagement more than ever. The success of every post relies heavily on the engagement of both you and your audience. Lingerie businesses must continue to be personable with Instagram followers when scheduling content. Engage with your followers’ content, post regularly to your stories and respond quickly to post comments and messages.



The opportunity to schedule Instagram content ahead of time is a big win for businesses everywhere. But, don’t use the functionality as a chance to put your Instagram presence on auto-pilot. Instagram automation will serve your lingerie business best when combined with audience engagement and thoughtful content. 

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