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Lingerie Store Owners: Here's How to Use Social Media To Grow Your Email List

A constantly growing email list means your lingerie store has a constant flow of new, potential customers.

Social media is an ideal place to boost your email marketing list because of engaged followers. If you’re not already using a strategy to grow your lingerie store’s email list via social media, you should be. It’s time to push those loyal fans into your sales funnel.

Let’s walk through the steps of how to use social media to grow your lingerie store’s email list.


1.  Create a free content offer.

A content offer is a freebie that provides value to your audience – tip sheets, guides, tutorials, special offers, etc. A freebie can efficiently convert fans to email subscribers because you’re offering something valuable in exchange for an email address. And, be very strategic with your offer.

Consider what valuable item you could provide at no cost to your lingerie business’s audience. Take your time crafting the item. You want to ensure you provide quality content that aligns with your brand.


2.  Create a landing page for the offer.

Create a landing page for the content offer once you’ve finalized it. You’ll direct interested users to this landing page to push the sale and capture their info.

Write captivating marketing content to persuade the reader that she needs what you’re offering. She’ll provide her information – like name and email address – and she’ll receive the freebie in return. (You could ask for her zip code, age, etc. if it would be valuable to you.)

Don’t let the idea of a creating a landing page overwhelm you. Lingerie store owners can use email marketing services, such as ConvertKit, to create landing pages, email sequences and more.


3.  Create a marketing plan for your content offer.

Now it’s time to plan how you’ll market your content offer on social media. Yes, even a freebie requires a marketing plan. Will you tease the offer before it’s live? How will you communicate the launch? How long will you promote the freebie before evaluating your strategy?

Preplan your graphics, photos and captions. Then, incorporate your freebie content into your lingerie store’s content calendar. This ensures you can schedule your content or have it ready to publish. (Don’t forget to promote it on your Instagram stories!)

If budgeting allows, you could pay to advertise your content on social media. And of course, you’ll want to make the special offer visible on your lingerie store’s website for new website viewers.


4.  Include the landing page link in social media profiles.

Once you’ve finalized your marketing plan, it’s time to go live! Publish your landing page and graphics on your website. Then, add your landing page link to your social media profiles. You’ll want to include short, enticing marketing copy with the link. For example, let’s say you’ve created a tip sheet explaining how to buy lingerie for your body type. Your copy might say, “Get our FREE guide to buying lingerie for your body!”

Many social platforms only allow for one live URL in the profile. If this is the case, you’ll want to include your landing page URL here. This ensures new visitors will see the link for the first time. Remember, you’re not just targeting your current followers with this freebie. You’re wanting new profile visitors to see the offer and convert. You can include your website URL in the profile text.



Pushing content offers on social media can help your lingerie business grow its email marketing list. Evaluate your content offer strategy at the end of your marketing period. Are you happy with your conversion rate? Evaluate your strategy by considering what could create a better conversion rate. Re-strategize and push your content offer again.

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Lauren Hamilton

Lauren Hamilton

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