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Podcast Episode 1: Using Google To Drive Business To Your Lingerie Store

Everyday, thousands of women search for the answers to their lingerie questions online. When they can't find a solution, they often turn to their local lingerie stores and specialty boutiques for help. As a business owner, you want your store to be seen first on the results page.

In the first episode of the Lingerie Success podcast, Kris Cardona, Angel Gallegos, and Katie Donnelly share several effective strategies for driving business to your store through Google searches. Most importantly, they provide actionable advice for attracting more visitors and converting those visitors into loyal buyers.

Episode 1: Using Google To Drive Business To Your Lingerie Store [39:18]


We share the inspiration behind Lingerie Success.

[00:01-05:11] Providing value to our customers has always been a priority for us. After speaking with hundreds of lingerie store owners around the world, we noticed they had something in common: many were looking for cost-efficient ways to drive additional business to their doors. Almost immediately, we recognized a need for marketing advice tailored to lingerie stores and Lingerie Success was born. 


Google is one of the most popular search tools for finding local businesses.

[05:12-08:39] The statistics speak volumes: 76% of people searching on their smart phones look for businesses that are nearby and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. With local consumers ready to buy, are you making it easy for your store to be found? 

Local store owners have the advantage over online retailers because they offer instant gratification. Even with the speed of expedited shipping, online retailers can't compete with this. 

Question Answered: 

How can I ensure my business is found in Google searches? 


Claiming your listings is free.

[08:40-13:42] Our tips for lingerie success: Make sure the listings are accurate. Post pictures of your store, your promotions, your hours of operations, and what your store specializes in (maternity bras, for example). 

Question Answered: 

What is a local directory? 


Yelp is a powerful tool for your business. 

[13:44-26:23] Our advice: Never underestimate the power of Yelp. As one of the biggest websites for customer feedback, Yelp has the ability to drive business to your store. If you do receive a negative review, don't be afraid to personally reply with your contact information to speak with the reviewer offline. Additionally, creating an account and leaving a review on Yelp takes only a matter of minutes. Are you asking your customers for reviews? 

Questions Answered:

How can I increase the amount of reviews for my business on Yelp? 

Can positive and negative reviews truly affect my business? 

What's the best way to ask for a review? Should I offer an incentive? 


Offense is the best defense when it comes to reviews. 

[26:24-28:55] Are fake reviews a concern for retailers? Yes, but Yelp and Google have algorithms in place to combat fake reviews. Additionally, consumers are smart- they can identify real and fake reviews. 

Questions Answered: 

What are fake reviews? Can I prevent them? 


Podcast Recap

[28:56-29:59] Recap time! A quick summary of our podcast discussion of Google and Yelp. 


In the News: #NoShameLiviRae 

[30:00-34:21] In the news and on our minds. Well-known lingerie retailer Livi Rae is receiving backlash for their most recent campaign. A strong proponent for diversity in the lingerie industry, the Georgia-based retailer recently posted images for their campaign on their store front windows. The images feature women of different ages, ethnicities, and body types rocking beautiful lingerie and looking flawless while doing so. While Livi Rae's mission is a breath of fresh air, many locals and online bullies are coming out of the woodwork to body shame the women in the campaign. The bullies and body shamers have publically requested for Livi Rae to take the images down. With an unwavering committment to showcasing the diversity of their customers and fans, Livi Rae has refused.

We are proud to say that we stand with Livi Rae. As a lingerie brand, we're ready for the industry to recognize that there isn't a one size fits all standardfor beauty. To learn more about Livi Rae's campaign, visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/LiviRaeGA or join the conversation on social media with #NoShameLiviRae. 



[34:22-36:08] Actionable tasks for a successful week. 

-Claim your online listings. 

-Ask 10 customers for an online review on Yelp or Facebook. 


Question of the day 

[36:09-39:18] We want to hear from you! 

What is the most effective incentive or promotion you've offered your customers? What were the results? 




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See you next week!


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