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Podcast Episode 3: Creating Buyer Personas and Identifying Target Customers

In the third episode of the Lingerie Success podcast, Kris Cardona, Angel Gallegos, and Katie Donnelly discuss the importance of creating buyer personas and explain how buyer personas can help you better understand your target market. They also discuss the key benefits of detailed buyer personas, the categories that you should include, and the necessity of creating buyer personas for online customers.

Episode 3: Creating Buyer Personas and Identifying Target Customers [32:39]


Your customers are searching for the answers to their problems. [00:01-03:20]

Zig Ziglar once said, "If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you." The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to create effective marketing tailored to their interests and pain points. Many of your customers walk through your doors seeking help from an expert and look to you for solutions. 

Question Answered: 

Why is it important to know who your customers are? 


All businesses need buyer personas. [03:21-05:14]

Buyer personas are semi-fictional profiles of who you need to influence with your marketing in order to attract and retain their business. As Kris mentions, "Buyer personas give you a better understanding of your audience and help you to tailor your message with information that you know will grab their attention and solve their problems." Your goal as a business is to constantly be providing value for your customers. When your products and services are not commodities, it is more difficult for you to justify your value to potential customers.

Questions Answered: 

What is a buyer persona?

Why does my business need buyer personas? 


Your buyer personas should be detailed as possible. [05:15-11:18]

Detailed buyer personas are clearly defined. They can help you determine the problems your customers face, where they spend their time, how they prefer to receive marketing and promotional material, the type of experience they're looking for when they shop your store, who your ideal customer is, and what products they buy and what sizes they need. Most importantly, detailed buyer personas can help you tailor content to reach your target market, attract new customers that are interested in your products and services (attracting the right customers), convert casual customers into frequent shoppers, encourage repeat trips to your store, increase reviews and positive feedback online, and help to establish you as an authority in your local community, online, and in the lingerie industry. 

In order to create the most accurate buyer personas, be as realistic as possible. Alos, be sure to talk to current customers, call good customers who you have a relationship with, and get to know as many of the women as you can who walk through your doors. The more you know about your community and the women who live there, the easier it'll be to segment and market to your target customers. 

Question Answered: 

What are the key benefits to creating detailed buyer personas? 


Create your own template for your buyer personas. [11:19-15:29] 

Or use our free buyer persona template below. Your buyer personas should include information such as: gender, age, job, annual income, marital status, family size, shopping experience preferences, band size, cup size, how often they visit your store, how much they spend per visit, what they buy per visit (number of bras, only buy one brand, always buy black or nude bras, etc.), pain points, lingerie goals, challenges (budget, size options, color options, availability (ie. unavailable to visit your store during operating hours, etc.), and your solutions to their pain points and challenges and how you're going to help them acheive their goals.  

At the end of the day, you want your customers to come to you because they recognize that you're the best person to help them buy new lingerie. Once you establish a relationship with your customers, you can then start sending emails and newsletters as frequently as you feel is right for them (example: sending an email 6 months after they were fit to encourage them to come back into your store and get new bras) in order to grow the relationship and foster repeat business. 

Question Answered: 

What are the categories I should include in my buyer personas? 


Your contact database is one of your most valuable tools. [15:30-19:06]

You should be updating your contact database often. A well-organized and detailed contact database is a powerful tool for marketing. For example, it can help ensure that the right customer is being matched with the right email or newsletter or mailer. Depending on the software that you use, a customer database could also keep track of contact information (name, address, phone number, email), past purchases, favorite brands, bra size, panty size, return or exchange history, notes (ie. "husband may call to order a new lingerie set- size information on file" or "call when we receive new shipment of Parfait"), etc. 

Back to buyer personas, don't forget that you don't have to name your buyer personas. Be sure to check out the podcast at [17:52] for a good reason why you shouldn't name your buyer personas. 

Question Answered: 

Why is it important for me to use my contact database when creating buyer personas? 


You should create buyer personas for your online customers too. [19:07-23:56]

Don't forget about your virtual storefront. Online customers may not have the opportunity to experience your store in person, but just like your in store customers, online shoppers also have their own unique pain points. It's important to create content specifically for your website that addresses the questions and solves the pain points of your online customers. Buyer personas can help you idenify and address these problems. 

Question Answered: 

In addition to my store, I also have a website for customers to shop online. Should I create buyer personas for online customers too? 


Don't forget about negative buyer personas. [23:57-27:11] 

Negative buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of consumers that aren't the right fit for your products or business. These consumers might have a less than ideal relationship with you and your employees. They might struggle with challenging problems that you might not be the best person to help with. It could be as simple as a price point or maybe you don't carry a brand they like or their buying habits are too complicated to fit into your ideal buyer personas. These consumers are not your target customers, in fact, they're just the opposite. 

Negative buyer personas are important because they help you identify your non-customers, people who either won't be interested in your products or services or are too difficult to fit into your sales funnel. They can also include difficult clients- previous customers who tried to return everything they purchased or tried to take advantage of your services. 

Questions Answered: 

What are negative buyer personas? 

What should I include when creating buyer personas? 


Never underestimate the power of personalized marketing. [27:12-32:39]

Your USP + Your Target Audience + The Right Platform for Your Message = Tailored Marketing Magic. Many of your customers receive hundreds of emails per day from companies trying to sell them something. The competition for attention has never been more fierce and cutthroat. One way to stand out among the crowd is through tailored marketing. Your customers love tailored marketing. When you truly understand their interests, pain points, and shopping preferences, you can create personalized emails with subject lines and content that grab the attention of your customers and invoke a sense of urgency to buy from you. 

Artificia published a great article on identifying 12 key buyer personas for the US retail market. It's definitely worth a read.

As Kris mentions, "When you solve your customers' problems, everyone wins."  

Question Answered: 

How can I use buyer personas to create personalized marketing materials? 




Actionable tasks for a successful week. 

-Create 5 postive buyer personas and 5 negative buyer personas. 


Question of the day

We want to hear from you! 

What would you like us to cover in future episodes? 



Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Secrets Of Closing The Sale by Zig Ziglar  



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