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Podcast Episode 6: Building Relationships With Your Customers and Prospects Online and Offline

In the sixth episode of the Lingerie Success podcast, Kris Cardona, Angel Gallegos, and Katie Donnelly discuss building successful customer relationships.

Episode 6: Building Relationships With Your Customers and Prospects Online and Offline [44:41]


Even with the birth of technology and the evolution of society, the single most important component of all relationships has never changed. [00:01-09:27] 

Can you guess what it is? 

Question Answered: 

What is the most important cornerstone in building relationships today? 


Peace-of-mind is the best thing you can provide to your customers online. [09:28-16:38] 

With every piece of communication, you want to reassure your customers that their choice to visit your store or purchase from you online is the right choice.

Question Answered: 

How has the Internet and social media changed how we build and nurture relationships with our customers?


Your customers are interested in a personal connection with you and your brand. [16:39-28:45]  

At the end of the day, you're either an active ambassador of your brand or a dormant ambassador. Consumers have so many choices today for lingerie. The active ambassadors are the businesses who are winning. What you do is just as important as what you say. Are you providing value and engaging with your audience regularly on social media? 

Questions Answered: 

Why is it so important for me to build relationships with customers online? 

What are the benefits of building customer relationships through social media? 


Your social media pages are an extension of the experience you provide within your store. [28:46-33:46]

Consider Hubspot's customer buying cycle with the stages Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Preference/Intent, and Repurchase (Advocacy). There's a good reason it's a cycle and not a straight line. Once your customers leave your store, they're going to be looking for answer to new questions ("How do I care for the bra I just purchased?") and reasons to come back and visit you again. By regularly engaging with your audience on social media, you remain front of mind and the first stop on their next lingerie shopping trip. 

As Kris mentions (paraphrased here), no one wants to be the person that only calls or posts on social media when they want something in return (like a sale). 

The most successful businesses are the ones that consistently and strategically provide value to their customers with authencity, transparency, and most important of all, the intention of building and nurturing customer relationships. 

Questions Answered: 

What are a few ways to continually add value to relationships? 


Micro-blogging on Facebook is a smart marketing tool for small businesses. [33:47-42:30]

By my own definition, micro-blogging is as simple as posting 2-4 short paragraphs on Facebook as a status update. It can be used to demonstrate a business owner's authority as a lingerie and bra fitting expert and to start conversations with an audience. It's perfect for small business owners who don't have the time to maintain a blog on their website, but do have a Facebook page. 

Before you begin micro-blogging, ask yourself: What are a few customer questions I can answer in 2-4 paragraph Facebook posts? What is a pain point or problem my customers face that I solve on a daily basis at my store? Maybe it's something as simple as reminding your followers the importance of a bra fitting and that you offer free bra fittings at your store. For someone who has never had a bra fitting before, she might not even know that they're free! 

We talk a lot about value in our podcasts, but Kris sums up building customer relationships (and this episode) perfectly when he says: "Deliver value before you ask for the sale." 

Questions Answered: 

How can I successfully combine social media and traditional media?


Homework and Question of the Day [42:31-44:41]




Actionable tasks for a successful week. 

-Schedule one hour per day minimum on social media. It's a perfect time to post news about your store, share new products, reply to customer questions or comments, create ad campaigns, follow your customers, like posts, write and publish a micro-blog post (more on micro-blogging at [33:47-35:09]) and engage with your audience. 


Question of the day

We want to hear from you! 

Do you spend money on Facebook Ads? Why or why not? 



Resources mentioned in this episode: 

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

Simon Sinek talking about millennials and the dependence on cell phones on an episode of Inside Quest. We referenced Sinek's words on cell phones and their impact on our relationships in the Podcast. Sinek speaks about cell phones at 12:07-15:25, but it's absolutely worth listening to the whole talk.

Mark Ritson's talk 'Why Social Media is Mostly a Waste of Time for Marketers'. Kris discusses this talk at [37:35-]. 



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