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Should You Blog If You Have A Lingerie Store?

You can find the answer to just about anything with a quick Google search.

Unsurprisingly, your customers go online to find answers to their lingerie-related questions. So how do you maximize the search traffic and convert it into page visits and business for your lingerie store? One way to do that is through creating and maintaining a SEO-centric lingerie blog.

You’ve probably heard that blogging can bring new traffic to your online lingerie store (brick and mortar stores can also benefit from this traffic). Blogging is a great way to build brand awareness by creating the kind of content your future customers are searching for. Additionally, blogging can position you as a lingerie expert to new readers that may have never heard of your business before and help you build a relationship with readers who in time become loyal customers.

A blog is a huge commitment for lingerie store owners, but it can pay off in the long run if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Here’s a question for you: Your future customers are searching for lingerie stores in their area – does your store show up on the first page of the search results? If your competitors are ranking higher than you in search, you may be able to get ahead of them with a combination of SEO and strategic promotion. A blog can help you target the keywords you need to improve your ranking in the search results and strategic promotion can help you get it in front of the right people. Each blog post is an opportunity to attract local customers to your website and store.

Once you’ve published a blog post and made sure it’s optimized for search, you could then promote it on social media and in your email newsletters – which provides you with fresh content for your subscribers as well. 

Still unsure if you should blog? Here are a few more reasons to consider blogging if you have a lingerie store:


Blogging has the potential to help you:

1.  Build brand awareness and reach new customers

2.   Build brand loyalty

3.   Attract local customers through SEO and strategic promotion

4.   Educate your customers and readers and establish yourself as a bra-fitting expert in the online world

5.   Add a human element to your brand and build a deeper connection with your readers

6.   Highlight the benefits of your products and services in-depth on your blog

7.   Partner with local fashion influencers to increase your audience reach (Perhaps they’d be open to visiting your store for a bra fitting and writing an honest review of their experience on their blog?)

8.  Write newsworthy articles that are picked up by local media outlets

9.  Pass on your knowledge to help women find bras that fit and lower the return rate for your online lingerie store

10.  Write articles that echo your mission – Like letting people know that your store is a safe, inclusive, body positive, and judgement-free space so they have an idea of what to expect and feel comfortable visiting your store

Blogging is a major commitment for any lingerie store owners, but the benefits can certainly be worth it.

Do you have a lingerie blog? Have you noticed an increase in website traffic or store traffic from your blog? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Katie Donnelly

Katie Donnelly

Katie Donnelly is a full-time freelance writer, content manager, and founder of Katie Rose Creative. An experienced bra fitter, Katie has helped hundreds of people shop for lingerie. Her favorite bra is the Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra.