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Should You Hire A Copywriter For Your Online Lingerie Store?

You may have launched an online lingerie store because of your love of fancy intimates, or of retailing. But it can often feel like this type of business involves more writing work than anything else! From product descriptions to press releases and from blog posts to social media updates, there’s a never-ending list of new copy that needs to be written.

If you’re on a budget, it can be very tempting to do it all yourself. You know the products you’re selling inside-out, so you should be able to knock out a few words about them, right? However, there is a difference between simply knowing how to write, and being a good copywriter.

Copywriting, just like fitting someone for a bra, is a skill. A copywriter needs to know more than just how to cobble some words together in a pleasing way – they also bring sales and SEO expertise to the table.

Here are 6 reasons to hire some outside help for this part of running your online lingerie store:


1.  Reduce errors, increase professionalism

Perhaps it’s because I’m a writer myself, but spelling and grammar errors always stick out like a sore thumb when I’m browsing retailers’ sites. It happens even with major lingerie brands. And it doesn’t look professional! 

Spelling and grammar issues are particularly rife on scam websites. Distance yourself from those, and keep your customers’ focus on the gorgeous lingerie you’re selling, by hiring someone who can provide error-free, distraction-free copy.


2.  Cut out the jargon

There’s such a thing as being ‘too close’ to your own industry. You might be flinging around phrases like “side sling” and “ballet back” all day with your colleagues, but does the average consumer actually understand them?

A good copywriter will be able to get the important information across in a clear and concise way, that isn’t confusing for your non-lingerie expert customers.


3.  Make more sales

Creating a good product description isn’t just about keeping the jargon at bay. You also need to be able to write evocatively and persuasively. Your customers can’t touch and try on the lingerie like they could in a boutique, so the words need to capture that experience for them instead.

Your copywriter will be able to describe your products in a way that really sells them to the customer. Not only that, but they’ll be able to make sure you avoid words or descriptors that have become either outdated or, worse, offensive. Great product descriptions will make your lingerie more appealing, and as a result boost your sales!


4.  Improve your SEO

In today’s digital era, any digital copywriter worth their salt will keep up to date with the latest SEO changes and best practises. They’ll know how to research the best keywords to use, and work them into their copy so seamlessly that customers won’t even notice they’re there.

Hiring an expert also means you’ll be getting exclusive, unique copy for your website. Many lingerie boutiques simply copy and paste product descriptions from their suppliers, but this is called ‘duplicate content’ and will make it harder to be found in search engines online. SEO is crucial to your online visibility, so it’s not something to take lightly!


5.  Better appeal to your audience

As I mentioned at the start of this article, there are all sorts of tasks that involve writing, from email newsletters to Instagram captions to press releases. Each one requires a different format and a different tone of voice. Sometimes copywriters specialise in a particular niche, such as blog articles, but more often than not they’re versatile and understand how to tailor their writing to each different medium.


6.  Save yourself time

Perhaps you’re an excellent copywriter yourself. Perhaps nothing I’ve mentioned above is news to you. Still, as a lingerie business owner, you’re almost certainly incredibly busy. Hiring a copywriter can take a big chunk of work off your hands, leaving you free to really focus on the aspects of your business that can’t be outsourced.

Of course, hiring anyone is an investment. Often though, a copywriter’s fee more than repays itself in both the increase you’ll see in your sales figures, and all the extra time you now have to boost your profitability in other ways.



Hiring a copywriter really is worth the cost. However, don’t hire just anyone. Your copywriter needs to really ‘get’ your product in order to best sell it to your customers. Plus, you don’t want to waste time having to explain to them the difference between a balconette and a full-cup bra! To truly get the best copy for your lingerie business, look for a copywriter who specialises in the lingerie or fashion industry.


Have you ever hired a copywriter for your online lingerie store? Why or why not?

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