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Team Building 101: How To Foster A Tight Knit Team

As a business owner, you rely on a dedicated team to work in your lingerie store alongside you. 

If you fail to create the right environment for them, you’re making a huge mistake. Team building is more than a buzzword; it’s something you ought to be doing each and every day.

Here’s how to do just that:


Hire the right team members

Before you do anything else, you need to make sure that your staff are the right fit for the job. Hiring appropriate employees for your small business is essential. You need someone who buys into your ideology and what you’re trying to do with the boutique.

They should be 100% on board when it comes to your future goals and how you expect the business to grow over the years to come. During the interview process, make sure that this is the case. Be sure to ask questions that help you to gain a deep understanding of the person first.


Host regular staff get-togethers

When you feel as though you have the right team of people around you, it’s time to make sure that everyone gets to know one another. Hosting regular events with your team helps to create a tight-knit group of people who you can trust.

You may want to organize monthly picnics or weekly post-work drinks. These small events will offer a chance for your staff members to get to know you and one another. The better everyone knows each other, the better the team will ultimately work as a unit.


Share your highlights and hardships

Here’s a fun and engaging game that you may wish to play with your staff. Each month, call a meeting and ask each employee to share their highlight and hardship of the month. Doing so will give you the chance to get some practical feedback from your team in a casual, non-threatening way. What’s more, the team members will get a chance to share their experiences when it comes to work and look at ways in which things may be improved in the months to come. Simple!


Offer monthly rewards to staff

Do you reward your staff? If you want to boost morale, giving a little something back to your team could well be the answer. This is especially important when it comes to small teams as they need lifting more than anyone else. You may want to consider offering your staff members in-store discounts, for example. That way, they will better get to know the lingerie that you sell (and be well-versed on it!) as well as getting a small treat.


Outsource your team event

Team-building events are a huge deal in the modern world. It could be worth searching for any options that are available in your area. Often enough, external companies will offer an outsourced team event that you can pay to join.

For example, you may wish to go to a workshop where you and your team solve puzzles together. There are a great many events of this nature run by external teams. You could also benefit from taking part in a team activity, such as a sponsored sports event or an escape room. The idea is that you all do something together outside the confines of the boutique.


invest in each of your employees

Do you invest in the future of your employees? A strong team is one that’s comprised of the a strong, stable foundation of people. Every individual who works for you has their own set of dreams, goals, and aspirations. Why not help your staff fulfill them?

Investing in courses or qualifications for your employees is an excellent way to empower them and keep them on the right track. What’s more, it means that your staff becomes more of an asset to your lingerie store than they already are. After all, when they progress, your business progresses too.


Keep an open dialogue with staff

Your staff should feel as though they can come to you about anything. While you still want to keep your authority, running a small business is not like running a large corporation. The relationship you have with each of your staff members is key to your success.

From the very start when you hire somebody, you ought to make it clear to them that you are as much a consultant as their boss. Should they worry about anything at all, they should feel that they can come to you about it. Creating an open workplace culture means that you will have complete honesty among your team.  



You should never overlook the importance of keeping your staff on the right track. Much of the time, these individuals are the first point of contact for your customers. They have the power to make or break your business. For that reason, you absolutely need to invest time, money, and efforts in them. Fostering a solid team environment is merely the first step; this task will take your energy on a day-to-day basis. But, in the end, it will be seriously worth your time.

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