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What Is A Sales Funnel and How Does It Work?

Customers typically need to be exposed to your lingerie business a few times before making a purchase.

So, a sales funnel is used to walk the lead through the process of making a purchase.

As a lingerie store owner, you've likely heard of a sales funnel. But, what exactly is it you ask?

This article will explain what a sales funnel is, how it works and how it can drive sales to your lingerie store.


What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is the process your lingerie store uses to lead people to the purchasing decision. In other words, you take a potential customer down a strategic path that leads to conversion.  

The sales funnel uses different steps get the customer to make a purchase. You can think of it as an actual funnel. In the beginning, the funnel is wide where you capture the lead. It’s wide because there are a handful of ways lingerie store owners can attain the lead. Then, the funnel narrows as you tailor messages depending on how the user found your lingerie business.

The end goal is to get the customer through the narrowest part of the funnel – purchasing. You’ll rarely get a customer that skips that middle section of the funnel. That’s why the middle of the funnel is so important. It’s the phase where lingerie store owners engage the user and persuade the user to purchase in a non-promotional manner.


How does a sales funnel work?

A sales funnel consists of different stages to lead the customer to purchase from your lingerie business. Sales funnels may vary slightly depending on the platform – email, social media, e-commerce, etc.

However, all sales funnels contain these four key stages:


1.  Attract

The first stage of a sales funnel is attracting your lingerie store’s audience. Some ways you may attract the user are with your social media presence, lead generation techniques, advertising or search engine optimization (SEO).


2.  Interact

The second phase of the sales funnel is interacting with your new lead. This is when your messaging is targeted specifically to the new user because you know what directed her to you. So, you begin catering to that need or topic. You introduce her to you and your lingerie business. You may offer a special, one-time offer for her joining your community. You provide rich, relevant content that subconsciously encourages her to purchase from you. You may even invite her to engage with you on platforms she’s not already.

The interaction stage is essential. You warm the prospect up to your business by being personable and serving her needs. With each interaction, you narrow the funnel, driving her to make a purchasing decision.


3.  Convert

The third step in the sales funnel is conversion. You’ve solved a problem for her or you’ve provided her with a special offer that’s too good to pass up. It’s at this point that she decides to purchase from your lingerie business. She’s now no longer a lead, but a paying customer.


4.  Advocate 

The fourth phase of the sales funnel is turning the new customer into an advocate. However, this doesn’t happen just by her purchasing from you. You must continue to prove that you are committed to serving her needs. You may educate, entertain or inspire her. In turn, she becomes your lingerie store’s advocate.



Getting the initial purchase is the end goal in the sales funnel. However, the possibility of someone becoming a repeat customer rises from 27 to 54 percent after a second purchase. So, after the first purchase, direct your focus to a funnel that warrants a second one.

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