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What Is A Social Media Content Calendar and Why Do I Need One?

As a lingerie store owner, you may find it’s tricky creating quality social media content each day.

Whether it’s a lack of time or a lack of creative ideas, it’s not always easy staying on top of your store’s social media game. However, with a little pre-planning, a social media content calendar can these solve issues.

Let’s discuss exactly what a social media content calendar is and why you need one.


What is a social media content calendar?

A social media content calendar is a marketing resource used to plan upcoming social media content. It lists each social media platform and the days that content will be published to those platforms.

For instance, your Instagram content calendar would list your pre-planned Instagram posts and accommodating photos for a certain period of time. And, if you’ve done your research, your content calendar will also include an optimal time to publish each piece of content.

A social media content calendar can be planned for a couple of weeks or even a month ahead. However, I’d suggest creating your content calendar in blocks of two weeks to ensure content is current and relevant.

It’s important to plan your next social media content calendar before the previous one expires. Let’s say you have a content calendar for the first of the month through the 15th. You’d want to start planning your content calendar for the 16th through the 30th a few days before the 15th. This ensures there’s no lapse in content on your social media channels. 


Why do you need social media content calendar?

Social media content calendars are important for lingerie store owners for several reasons. Here are the benefits of a social media content calendar.


It saves you time.

A social media content calendar saves you time – and as a lingerie store owner, your time is very valuable. Let’s say you spend 30 minutes a day creating original content for social media. That adds up to three and a half hours a week! In that amount of time, you could have planned at least two weeks of social media content.


It Reduces social media efforts.

Social media content calendars also omit some of your social media efforts. You no longer have the stress of creating quality, original content on the fly. And in some instances, you can avoid ever having to post the content.

Because you pre-planned the content, you can use a marketing automation tool – such as HubSpot or Hootsuite – to schedule content on certain social media platforms.

Once you schedule the content, the automation tool publishes the content on your behalf. (For Facebook scheduling, I’d recommend using the publisher tool built into Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm does not favor content published by a third party.)


It ensures you have content to publish.

Another reason why you need a social media content calendar is to ensure you don’t go “silent” on social media. You want to use social media to put your brand, lingerie business and products in front of your target audience. So, if you forget to post to social media for any amount of time, that’s time that your business isn’t touching your audience. New, intriguing content keeps your audience engaged. You may lose social media followers if you’re not posting consistently.



The purpose of a social media content calendar is to make you aware of what needs to be published to social media and when. But, it also ensures that you always have content to post.

Going silent on social media can be detrimental to your social media progress. And if you’re gaining customers and sales from social media, going silent can also be detrimental to your bottom line. 

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