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What To Consider When Searching For The Right PR Agency For Your Lingerie Business

A PR agency can be a powerful marketing partner for a lingerie business owner.

PR agencies work with publications, television networks, and other forms of media to help lingerie businesses increase brand awareness and media coverage. They also help businesses with branding, influencer relationships, and product placement. As reputation managers, they play a key role in shaping how your brand is perceived by the world.

Increasing brand awareness is crucial to attracting new customers and building a loyal customer base. How will your target market find you if they don’t know that you exist? As important as marketing is to your brand, you may not have time to reach out to publications, write press releases, pitch features and run your business at the same time. A PR manager can help – and they have a wealth of valuable contacts and resources, too. 

But before you start searching for a PR agency or freelancer to partner with, consider this:   


How well do you know your target market?

Before you start looking for a PR agency, you need a solid understanding of your business’s target market and demographic. Your target customer will help determine the type of media coverage you need (blogs, television, magazines, etc.) and whether or not the agencies you’re vetting are the best fit for your business.

You know your brand intimately, but the PR agency does not. You’ll have to explain your brand’s mission, vision, target market, and demographics to the PR agency so they can match your products with the right publications. You may want to create a sharable document (like a PowerPoint presentation) with everything the PR agency needs to know about your business so you and the PR agency are on the same page.


The search for the right PR agency

When you start looking, be picky and don’t settle. Rushing into a business relationship is never a good idea. You will be closely working with the agency or freelancer, so you want to make sure that you they understand what you need and that you all get along. You can hire the most talented PR manager, but the relationship may not be as beneficial if your personalities conflict.

Here are a few more key considerations:


Do the PR agencies you’re researching have experience working with lingerie brands?

And, additionally, do they have contacts with the right companies for your business? A PR agency with tech contacts may not be as valuable to you as a PR agency with lingerie and fashion industry contacts. Also, check the credentials of the agency’s team, ask for references, and chat with as many people as you can from their team before you make a decision. 


Have you thought about working with a contractor instead of an agency?

If you don’t need a full-time PR team supporting you, you may find that a contractor or freelancer is a better fit. Working with a freelancer can be cheaper than working with an agency. Like an agency, they'll be dedicated to providing the PR help you need and you'll have one go-to contact you'll be communicating with.


Where are they located?

Location is important. Are they located in the US? Are you on the same time zone? If you’re interested in getting on local television networks or region-specific publications (like your local newspaper or a magazine), do they have contacts at those places? 



There are a lot of things to consider when starting the search for a PR agency or freelancer.  This is just a starting point. Be sure to do a lot of research, have a clear idea of what you need from PR, ask for references, and take your time in your search. Ask your industry friends and business relationships if they have any recommendations as well. A referral might be a good starting point for you, especially if they have experience working with other lingerie businesses. Good luck!

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